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Riot gives Twitch viewers exclusive Valorant reward

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Who has also diligently watched Valorant on Twitch to get a beta key? Worry not as Riot will reward you for your efforts with a special in-game souvenir - even if you don't have beta access yet.

The only way for players to gain access to Valorant's closed beta is through Twitch drops. Initially, these were selected streamers. Now almost anyone on the platform can watch Valorant a stream with active drops and hope to get a place in the Valorant beta.

Riot has kept an eye on how popular Valorant is on the platform and wants to reward the dedicated viewers who have dedicated hours in order to get access - or just enjoy their favorite streamers playing their new FPS title. Riot has announced on Twitter:

As thanks for all your interest in the Valorant closed beta and hanging out with the Twitch community, we have a small gift.

What do you get as a player/spectator?

Who does not love presents? That's why Riot Games gives every spectator, with or without a beta key, an "exclusive player card" with the Brimstone salute in the background and the Twitch logo in the foreground. It's a small gesture, but a nice one and it's not even Christmas yet.

If you want to have one for yourself, you just have to meet the requirements. As mentioned above even if you don't have access to the closed beta, the player card will be listed in your account when you launch the game for the first time.

How to get the player card

As expected not everyone will get the card: You must watch Valorant on Twitch for at least two hours to be eligible.

It is unclear whether players who didn't reach two hours of viewing time will be eligible in the future. It is also unclear whether regions that are still blocked for the beta will also receive this small gift. Valorant's closed beta was recently extended to Latin America, Brazil, and South Korea - and other regions are already on the way.

Apart from that, it shouldn't be too much of an effort to get a small gift from Riot. Two hours is pretty much the bare minimum a lot of people have watched in order to get a key and most have gone far beyond that. If the conditions are met, you will receive the card at your next login. Keep watching Twitch streams with Valorant content and active drops to get a chance for beta access. Maybe you can also dust the player card afterward.

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