It's High Noon.

Riot Games showcase new Highnoon skins for Senna and Irelia

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(Image credit: Riot Games)

Howdy, League of Legends players and fans. Riot Games is back with two new cosmetic skins for Senna and Irelia, and they look fantastic.

A skin for Senna

Senna alt skin

It won't be as flashy as this one though! (Image credit: Riot Games)

Let's start with Senna here, who's thematical brilliance will also be joining the High Noon Lucian skin, making it the ultimate League of Legends power couple since Xayah and Rakan.

I think we need to discuss the fact that Senna's gun turns into a mechanical western hell horse, and the recall is just as fun seeing Senna ride off into the wind. Senna will join Lucian once again in her fight against their western nemesis, High Noon Thresh.

Joining Senna will, oddly, be Irelia, and good god does this skin work so well for her. Her abilities feature whipping sounds, cracking away. Possibly the most satisfying part of the skin is when Irelia casts her W, Defiant Dance, that builds up the hype before a big whipping crack at the end.

High Noon Chromas are coming!

If that wasn't enough a thread on Reddit was posted by Riot Games, detailing a massive amount of High Noon Chroma skins that will be moseying their way to the Public Beta Environment for testing! These include:

  • High Noon Irelia
  • High Noon Senna
  • High Noon Fiddlesticks
  • High Noon Jhin
  • High Noon Lucian

Senna and Irelia, however, will receive additional treatment, as their chroma skins are coming with new textures. The community feedback so far from the announcement is either two things, as usual, excitement or annoyance.

This will always be a common occurrence in League of Legends, fans demanding skins of champions that haven't had them in years and while they're correct and Riot Games should be reminded, it wouldn't hurt to have a little patience from time to time.

Will you be picking up these skin? Let us know! For everything else League of Legends, keep it here with EarlyGame.

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