The Mozambique is no longer a joke

Respawn add golden Mozambique in Apex to celebrate April Fool's

Mozambique apex legends

The Mozambique shotgun in Apex Legends. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

In celebration of April Fool’s Respawn Entertainment decided to make what’s considered the worst weapon in Apex Legends actually playable. The golden version of Mozambique is better in every aspect.

Apex Legends has been out for over a year now, but some things haven’t changed, like the Mozambique shotgun for instance. Despite being labeled a shotgun it resembles more of a pistol and the weapon has become a meme at this point with the most famous line by Lifeline being “Mozambique here”. It’s often used to joke with teammates as the only time anyone would want to use a Mozambique is when there are literally no other weapons available. So why’s the weapon so bad?

The shotgun pistol has only 3 rounds without the option to expand that capacity. The base damage on body shots does 42 damage, while a headshot with all possible pellets will deal 69. These numbers will change against Low Profile (+5% damage taken) and Fortified (-15% damage taken) legends. Mozambique is only efficient in very close range and the fact that it only has 3 shots. Compare that to something like the Peacekeeper which deals a much better job in close range or the Wingman which hits harder has more ammo and can net you a kill from close to long-range.

The only redeeming quality of Mozambique comes with the Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up. With it, shots to unshielded enemies hurt a lot more and can easily reach the 100 damage mark, one-shotting opponents. If you get your shots right and manage to break down an enemy’s shield with the first two shots, the meme shotgun is actually viable. Combining that with the Sentinel sniper which breaks any shield when charged could be a viable strategy, but then again why would you go for Mozambique when there’s Peacekeeper or EVA-8.

In celebration of April Fool’s the Mozambique gets a very special golden version that fixes most of the weapon’s problems. With the magazine increasing to 9, a much faster fire rate and less recoil, the golden Mozambique is a force to be reckoned with.

As you can see in the clip, the golden Mozambique can be quite deadly. Since Respawn added the weapon in celebration of April Fools' so it’s not certain if it’ll remain in the game as a permanent addition. Chances are we’ll see it stay at least for the duration of the upcoming Easter event. Don’t miss out on the fun and go try it.

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