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Remember the name: SK Gaming defeat G2 Esports

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The legacy German organization makes a statement as they took down the spring split champions

SK Gaming had come back reinvigorated after a poor spring split with three wins in their first four matches, but a loss to Excel had caused many to wonder just what we can expect from this roster. Meanwhile, G2 had a very bad opening week, but two easy wins against Rogue and FC Schalke 04 made it seem like the champions were back in shape.

The two teams were close in the early game: G2 had a small gold lead, but their opponents took the two early drakes. SK withstood several gank attempts and used their top and mid priority to take the three outer towers and actually came out ahead 16 minutes into the game, then shortly afterwards took a third drake that threatened an Ocean soul.

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G2 decided to take the initiative, but what looked like a pick on Juš "Crownshot" Marušič 21 minutes in ended disastrously for the spring champions as SK kept their AD carry alive and took four kills in the teamfight, then followed it up with the Baron. An opportunistic kill by G2 jungler Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski limited the damage by delaying a potential soul and limited the impact of the Baron buff. However, 28 minutes in his teammate Rasmus "Caps" Winther was killed in the sidelane and SK took the fourth dragon, then rotated to secure a second Baron. G2 attempted to flank them, but found no weak spot and opted for a direct engage. The fight was close, but SK’s advantage told and they eventually took four kills and ended the game.

This win sees SK Gaming rise above G2. Now with a 4:2 record and wins against several key teams, the German organization shows that it should be taken very seriously this split. G2’s players made several key mistakes that cost them the game, but SK earned the win with their own smart play.

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