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Esports Player Transfers: New FIFA Teams and CS:GO Bans

Esports Player Transfers 100 Thieves

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Every other week we bring you the latest player transfers from the Esports scene. This time there was a big drama with CS:GO coaches and new teams for the start of FIFA 21.

In CS:GO many coaches were banned, with the start of FIFA 21 new teams are forming and the Chinese Dota 2 Superstar Team is changing for the first time. There is also something happening in League of Legends and the Valorant and the CoD scene is popping too.

CS:GO: Xyp9x Is Back, Many Coaches Are Banned and More Pros Switch to Valorant

The Spectator Bug in CS:GO continues to keep the scene in suspense. In the meantime, 37 coaches have already been banned for using the bug. Among them are legends in the scene like HUNDEN, dead, zoneR and RobbaN. The bans range from a few months up to three years and all the evidence has not even been reviewed so maybe more bans will come.

For more information about the scandal, we have prepared the most important facts below.


Astralis: Xyp9x Is Back

Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth returns to the active roster after a break of over four months.

Like gla1ve, Xyp9x had taken a time-out for health reasons. Now it was announced that he is already back in training with the team and has been selected by Coach zonic to play the BLAST Premier Fall Series as a part of the active roster. So at the end of October, we can see Xyp9x in action again and hope that he is fit and can continue his earlier successes.

100 Thieves: Chet Leaves the Team

Team coach Chet "Chet" Singh leaves 100 Thieves

Chet was released from his contract after replacing kassad only four months ago. After he quit Evil Geniuses, the coach announced that he could imagine switching to Riot Games tactical shooter Valorant - shortly after that came the offer from 100 Thieves. 100 Thieves are now without a coach, let's see who they will find in all the hustle and bustle around the Spectator Bug.

Chet on the other hand has already found a new team in NRG, where he will coach the Valorant roster and will be reunited with his former teammate Damian "daps" Steele.

Dota 2: First Changes at 4AM, CR4ZY Announces Teams and Virtus.pro Take a Break

Elephant.4AM: Eurus Replaces Sylar Only to Be Replaced by Sylar?

Sounds strange, but it is so. Liu "Sylar" Jiajun replaced Zhang "Eurus" Chengjun in the announcement of the Chinese superstar team,

The Chinese team was originally introduced with Yang, RedPanda, fy, Somnus丶M and Eurus. However, as there were problems in the negotiations with Vici, Eurus' previous org at the time, Sylar was announced at short notice as a replacement, who was then immediately dismissed, as an agreement was reached with Vici and Eurus is now available after all. Nice of 4AM, not so nice for Sylar, who had left his former team, EHOME, which had already replaced him. We hope for him that he will find a new home quickly.

TNC Predator: March Leaves

Team Captain Park "March" Tae-won leaves his team.

March was part of the team for one year and won ESL One Hamburg 2019, the MDL Chengdu Major and the ESL One Thailand 2020: Asia. They mutually agreed on the separation. We will have to wait and see who will take over the Captain's job in the future.

CR4ZY: All Players Are Free

The esports organization CR4ZY fired all its players.

CR4ZY discontinued its esports teams for Dota 2, CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege until early 2020, but now it must part with all its teams. The decision is due the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the problems it has caused. The step is deemed unavoidable to keep CR4ZY alive. They want to reassess the situation and provide further information as soon as possible. But what is an organization with no players, only an empty name?

Virtus.pro: The Team Takes a Break

The organization announced that they would take a break and skip ESL One Germany.

After a bumpy season, the team announced that their roster will be inactive and will skip the next big tournament. So far it is not clear if the whole roster will be replaced, but we probably expect some changes. Likely they will be represented at ESL One Germany by Virtus.pro Prodigy.

HellRaisers: Lil Strengthens the Roster

Ilya "Lil" Ilyuk is now under contract with the HellRaisers.

Lil recently played as a stand-in on VP.Prodigy and was able to secure second place with this team at the OGA Dota PIT Season 3. After leaving Aggressive Mode, he now joins the HellRaisers. We wish him good luck there.

Team Nigma: KuroKy Is Still Injured

Team Captain Kuro "KuroKy" Takhasomi continues his break due to injury.

After the OGA Dota PIT Season 3, KuroKy will also miss at the ESL One Germany. After an arm injury, the German was replaced by Roman "rmN-" Paley, who will probably represent him in the near future. We wish him a quick recovery.

League of Legends: Despite Worlds, There Are Roster Changes

Ahq e-Sports Club: Five Players Leave

Coach Tsai "GreenTea" Shang-Ching, Hsieh "Apex" Chia-Wei, Hsiao "Kongyue" Jen-Tso, Tsou "Wako" Wei-Yang, and Wang "Ysera" Tsung-Chih all leave the Taiwanese organization.

In the PCS Summer Split ahq were absolutely dominant and secured second place with a record of 14-4 . After a fourth place in the playoffs, they unfortunately could not qualify for the Worlds. Nevertheless, two players, Kongyue and Uniboy, made it to Worlds and via the play-in stage as substitutes for PSG Talon. It remains exciting to see where the players will go.

Hanwha Life Esports: CuVee and Haru Leave

Lee "CuVee" Seong-jin and Kang "Haru" Min-seung leave the Korean organization.

HLE only made it to eighth and ninth place in the Spring and Summer Split - a rather disappointing result. Even some new players did not bring any success to the team. The two former Samsung players struggled to build on old performances and are now looking for a new team again.

Valorant: 100 Thieves Complete Roster

Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk and Quan "diceyzx" Tran complete the100 Thieves Valorant roster.

Shortly after the release of Valorant, the org put together a roster around former CS:GO pro Hiko. However, the team could not compete, so all players except Hiko were released. With Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella and Joshua "steel" Nissan two more former CS:GO players joined the team. Now Asuna and diceyzx complete the roster, who had previously played on the Valorant Roster of the Immortals. Let's hope that this new team can achieve better results.

FIFA 21: TimoX Is Back, Hamburg Introduces a New Team

VfL Wolfsburg: TimoX is Back

Timo "TimoX" Siep is back with Wolfsburg for next season.

TimoX already left VfL Wolfsburg before the last season for B360 eSports. For FIFA 21, he now returns to his old team and strengthens the roster of Benedikt "SaLzOr" Saltzer and Benedikt "BeneCR7x" Bauer. We are already looking forward to this coming season.

Hamburger SV: Largest Squad of the VBL

With Daniel "Danielscp7" Dwelk, Steffen "FifaFunino" Pöppe, Tarik "TarikHSV" Filali, Niklas "NHeisen" Heisen, Leon "Leon" Krasniqi, Jeffrey "Jeffrey" Aninkorah and Cina "LostInTheWavesz" Hosseindjani, HSV announced a seven-man team for FIFA 21.

This makes HSV definitely the biggest Esports team in FIFA 21. The incredible size comes from the fact that Danielscp7, FifaFunino, and TarikHSV are three young players who have been transferred to the first team to honor their consistently good performances. HSV is also already looking for new young talent. The only real newcomer is LostInTheWavez, who has been playing FIFA successfully on an international level for quite some time but has not yet to have a permanent team behind him. We wish the huge team much success in the coming season.

FOCUS CLAN: Fabienne Joins

The organization receives a new player Fabienne "Fabienne" Morlok.

World champion MoAuba will play alongside Fabienne in the future. The new player has no competitive experience and has never played professionally before, but will be supported by a professional setup and training through FOKUS CLAN. She was discovered at the DFB's home game tournament, which was followed by some test matches against MoAuba, which probably turned out quite convincing, considering that she has now been signed. We are already looking forward to her first games.

Call of Duty: Seattle Surge Completes Roster, Toronto Announces New Players

Seattle Surge: Octane Gets Company

Peirce "Gunless" Hillman, Preston "Prestinni" Sanderson and Daniel "Loony" Loza complete the roster around Sam "Octane" Larew.

Octane was the only player from last season to stay with Seattle Surge. Loony comes from Toronto Ultra, Prestinni and Gunless played the last season with the Chicago Huntsmen. Definitely sounds like a promising team.

Toronto Ultra: The New Roster

Ben "Bance" Bance, Anthony "Methodz" Zinni, Cameron "Cammy" McKilligan and Tobias "CleanX" Juul Jønsson form the new Toronto team.

All four players were also part of Toronto Ultra last season, but have now been added to the starting line-up.

That's it for this week. Everything from the world of gaming and esports you can find out on EarlyGame.

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