The new update makes some balancing changes

Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.92: Scopes and Gadgets Balanced

Operation shadow legacy

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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy has finally been launched and features Splinter Cell legend Sam Fischer as Operator Zero. The new update makes some balancing changes for both gadgets and scopes.

Operation Shadow Legacy brought a lot of new features and changes to the live servers of Rainbow Six Siege, which have been available since mid-August. Update 1.92, now balances the newly added Scopes and gives a lot of Operators the new Hard Breach Charge. It is definitely one of the bigger updates we've seen, depending on the platform the download is around 18 GB, so make sure you have enough disk space available.

Rainbow Six Siege 1.92 Patch Notes

Starting with the new gadget, the Hard Breach Charge. This gadget has been introduced to take some of the focus away from Hard Breach Operators and give the attacker more tactical options. The following operators get the new gadget:

  • Montagne: Hard Breach Charge replaces stun grenades.
  • Ying: Hard Breach Charge replaces Breach Charges.
  • Fuze: Hard Breach Charge replaces smoke grenades.
  • Finka: Hard Breach Charge replaces Breach Charges.
  • Amaru: Hard Breach Charge replaces Claymore.
  • Nøkk: Hard Breach Charge replaces Breach Charges.
  • Capitão: Hard Breach Charge replaces stun grenades.
  • Lion: Hard Breach Charge replaces Claymore.
Rainbow 6 siege zero splinter cell

Image credit: Ubisoft

Maverick also gets another canister for his kit, so 6 instead of 5 charges, which makes it a bit easier to open two hatches, since 2.3 canisters are needed per hatch.

Ubisoft also mentions that more balance may come depending on how the meta develops over time in Rainbow Six Siege.

  • M4S Red Dot Sight - 1.0x Zoom
  • MH1 Holo Sight
  • ACOG - 1.5x zoom
  • New Sight with 2x zoom

Balance Changes:

  • 1.5x for Mozzie's P10 Roni
  • 1.5x for Alibi's ACS12
  • 2.0x for Maestro's ACS12
  • 2.5x for Hibana's Type-89

The gain and loss of MMR was also rebalanced. From now on every match will have at least 25 +/- MMR at stake.

Whoever has reported a player will receive a message as soon as this player has been penalized. This is to show players that there will be consequences if they are rightly reported for cheating or toxicity.

The vote-to-kill system will be removed. The developers have analyzed the use of the new feature and have concluded that it has led to even more toxicity in the game.

Placeable gadgets will destroy smaller map items on which they are placed. This includes things like pictures, posters, etc. This should make the placement of gadgets more predictable and consistent.

ADS-Sensitivity is now customizable in the menu and allows you to set a consistent ADS-Sensitivity for all scopes.

Crossing obstacles has been improved and should now be easier and smoother.

The MMR rollback cap has been increased. The cap has been raised from the maximum MMR of the season to the maximum amount of+200. This was done to counteract the frustration some players had with the original system.

Finally, the way audio packages are bundled and interact with the game has been changed.

These were all changes in update 1.92. What are your thoughts on Operation Shadow Legacy so far?

More news and updates on Rainbow Six Siege and the world of esports, such as everything about Operation Shadow Legacy, can be found on EarlyGame.

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