Gridlock, Oryx and Fuze get buffed

Rainbow Six Siege: Test Server Update Is Up, New Twitch Extension Coming

R6 Test server

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Ubisoft has decided to treat the Rainbow Six Siege community with a couple of new add-ons to the shooter: a test server update with some operator buffs is up now and a new Twitch extension is coming up.

First things first: the Test Server Update. Gridlock, Oryx and Fuze fans are all getting their excitement levels up right now after buffs for all three operators were announced in the update. Notice, however, that this is a test currently and there's no guarantee that the buffs will be kept in the game long-term.

Rainbow Six Siege Operator Buffs

For Gridlock's Trax spikes the time to place is reduced from 13 to 9 seconds, but there is a minimal delay before the placement sequence starts. This change should make Gridlock's gadget a bit more attractive.

Oryx's Remah Dash gets a buff as well. Using a wall to dash no longer consumes all charges, but the refresh time is increased from 8 to 12 seconds. The recovery time from a Dash has been reduced to half a second. These changes should make Oryx a bit more fun to play and boost the Dash a bit.

Fuze gets another sprinkler - he now has 4 instead of 3, which should give him a little more presence and utility.

Furthermore, Nomad's air booster is also slightly modified. If you are pushed through a wall you will now get the same feedback and damage as Oryx when you look through a wall.

You can find the full patch notes and bug fixes in this Reddit post:

Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Extension

The new Rainbow Six Siege Official Twitch Extension gives streamers some new ways to interact with their community. The new tool offers an overlay panel where viewers can see the streamer's stats and participate in polls. If you've always wanted the ability to see what K/D each streamer has or want to help decide which operator will be played next, you can do so now.

R6 Twitch Extension

This is how the overlay in the stream looks like. (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Another perk of the Twitch Extension is that the latest Rainbow Six Siege news will be channeled directly to the panel. The extension is available free of charge for all Twitch streamers.

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