Annual pass and Battle Pass?

Rainbow Six Siege introduces brand-new Battle Pass

Rainbow six around the world battle pass

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On March 25 Rainbow Six Siege released the Around the World: Battle Pass to the players. It expands on the annual pass and is available in both free and premium versions.

Rainbow Six Siege has had a Battle Pass since the other day. As in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a new Battle Pass can be purchased every season, and with it, you can unlock ranks by playing the game. Each rank has a small reward for the player. The first Battle Pass is active from March 25 to April 22.

Around the world

The Around the World: Battle Pass is available to every Rainbow Six Siege player and has 35 ranks filled with rewards. If you don't want to buy the Battle Pass, the free version will receive a smaller reward every two ranks. These can vary greatly from weapon tags to skins or XP boosters. Premium access usually costs 1200 R6 Credits (approx. €9.99) but then again it offers rewards that are significantly higher for every rank of the Battle Pass. There are also new cosmetic items for various operators and a total of 600 R6 Credits.

You can upgrade your Battle Pass by collecting battle points. You get this by simply playing matches, but also by completing certain challenges in-game. These can be missions that everyone completes for themselves, such as flashing a certain number of opponents or community challenges.

Rainbow six battle pass rewards

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Annual Pass and Battle Pass?

Rainbow Six Siege has long had an annual pass that includes various updates and new operators. In principle, the annual pass provides its owners with all the content of the game that players who do not own it would have to buy extra.

Rainbow six year 5 roadmap

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Why another Battle Pass? And is it included in the annual pass?

To answer the second question: yes and no. The Battle Pass has tobe purchased separately from annual pass holders. However, they get discounts for all four planned Battle Passes of the year. The Battle Pass costs 30% less with an annual pass, i.e. 840 R6 credits (instead of 1200). In addition, the 30% discount also applies to the purchase of ranks and you get a 30% boost when collecting the battle points - this way, new ranks are unlocked much faster.

The first question is answered by Product Director Roy del Valle himself:

It’s a system, it’s a monetisation system – no hiding from that, it’s okay. It’s a system that is appreciated by the community … it’s also a system that allows us to get to be a bit more generous. For example, if you don't want to invest any money, you can still use the Free Track to unlock content. We can also add a little more of the story and the lore around the Battle Pass.

For anyone who likes to equip their operator with cosmetic items or simply like to unlock small rewards, the Battle Pass in Rainbow Six is ​​just the thing. Everyone else can also settle for the free version. If you want to learn more about the history of Rainbow Six then look no further.

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