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Rainbow Six Siege – How to Get Out of Gold FOR GOOD

Siege how to get out of gold

We'll show you how to improve your Rainbow Six Siege ranking. (Image credit: Ubisoft)

If you clicked on this article, you’re probably playing Rainbow Six Siege, you're stuck in Gold and want to move up to Platinum this season.

Well… you’re in luck because today, we have 5 tips for you that you can implement into your playstyle TODAY and that will get you out of gold for good in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege Tip: Simplify the Game

Rainbow Six Siege Rank Distribution October2020 Year5

As you can see, the majority of ranked players in Siege are stuck in Gold. (Image credit: Esports Tales)

If you’re struggling against your enemy, try to break down the game to its core. What do we mean by that? On defense, try to stay close to the site, so the enemy has to go THROUGH you to get onto the site. Don’t go on a crazy roam or hide in a dark corner.

Coordinated teams will simply drone you out and roam-clear the map. The most effective and easiest way to have an impact on the round is by holding down the site and just resist. Operators we recommend for that are Lesion, Mute, Smoke, Mira and Jäger, to name just a few.

On attack, the biggest advice we can give is: Try to at least enter the map. It sounds simple but think about it. How often do you see guys still outside, watching a window in the last minute of the round? Get into the building close to the objective and good things will happen. We promise.

Rainbow Six Siege Tip: Coordinate

Anchors siege 00000

These are some of our recommended operators to anchor on site with. (Image credit: Rainbow Six Siege)

Try to play with your team. Don’t enter the map alone or run around trying to do your own thing. You’re making it way too hard for yourself. Even if you have just one teammate by your side, you have someone that can drone for you, can cover you and refrag you in case you die.

Even if you don’t have an exact plan on what to do this round, just follow your team and try to cover. You’ll be amazed by the results. Trust us.

Of course, all this gets a lot more effective and also more fun by playing with a squad. But now we hear you say: “bUt I doNt HavE anY fRienDs tO PlaY wiTH! NObodY liKes mE!”

You can stop crying because there are thousands of people just like you looking for their kind! And no, we're not talking about Tinder. We're talking about websites like Siegrs.GG, Gamertransfer, or the new Squadfinder Ubisoft introduced with Operation Shadow Legacy.

There you will find loads of people to play with and talk to, because honestly… it often feels like 60% of the people playing ranked don’t have a mic or... they just cut out their tongue.

With that we come to the third point we want to address:

Rainbow Six Siege Tip: Communicate With Your Team

Squadfinders 00000

These are just some of the websites that offer a squadfinder feature. (Image credit:

Give callouts! When you’re on the attack, tell your team what your plan for the round is or ask what they have in mind. The game will feel much simpler when you know what your team is up to.

Also, tell your team what you see. We know, we know, you can ping on cams and that’s great, but a call like “Ash coming up Visa stairs” just helps a lot more than a yellow ping 50 meters away, right?

To be able to do that, you need some map knowledge. You also need to learn the names of key spots on the map, but if you want to improve on this, just hop in a custom game and walk around, memorizing the room names displayed.

Also: In this day and age, we have SO many intel-based operators in the game... so many cams you can watch and give calls from. So please, if it’s just one thing you take from this video it’s this:

Use your mic.

Rainbow Six Siege Tip: Focus on the Game

We all do it. We die and just tab out, watch YouTube or get on our phones and wait for the next round to start. But there is so much you can do for the team, even if you died in the first 10 seconds of the game... which doesn’t mean that we encourage you to die early, though. As we said before, we have so many intel gadgets on our hands and watching these will help your team a lot.

Watching the entire match will also help you understand the enemy team and their strats, so you know what kind of playstyle you can expect in the next round and adapt accordingly.

And last but DEFINITELY not least:

Rainbow Six Siege Tip: Teamcomps Matter

We know you all want to be that Ash and Vigil main that just runs around and claps some cheeks with his amazing aim and the superior gun – and don’t get us wrong, kills are very important in this game, the meta is still frag-heavy. But this won’t matter if your team, for example, doesn’t have a hardbreacher.

Instead of instalocking Ash or Vigil, try to wait and see what kind of utility your team still needs and pick accordingly.

If you take these few tips to heart and try to implement them in your next games, we promise you, you WILL see an improvement in your games.

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Rainbow Six Siege – How to get out of Gold FOR GOOD

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