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Rainbow Six Siege: April Fool's Challenge

Rainbow Six Siege Giggle Fin

The April Fools' Challenge lures with the cute Giggle Fin weapon pendant. (Source: Rainbow Six Siege via Twitter)

Ubisoft announced an April Fools' Challenge for Rainbow Six wins at the end of last week. However, they forgot to tell us what to do to unlock the cute reward.

On March 26, the April Fools Challenge for Rainbow Six wins was announced on Twitter. As a reward, a funny weapon pendant called Giggle Fin beckons. And somehow this little fish seems to laugh at us, because what the hell do you have to do in this challenge?

The only clue available in the Tweet is teamwork: you have to work together to earn the pendant. But neither in the game itself nor on any other official channels you'll find the conditions for the challenge.

How do you unlock Giggle Fin?

Apparently it's up to the players to figure out how to earn the reward. In the meantime, several players have reported that they have received the pendant. But how? No rumor has yet been able to explain a hundred percent procedure.

Very often it is reported that players have received the pendant after completing a game in a squad of three. Others report that they got it after killing with gadgets or grenades. Still, some claim to have played on certain maps like Oregon or Consulate. And now the most logical explanation out there: you get the new weapon pendant simply by chance, as an April Fool's joke so to speak.

Our opinion

So we don't really know anything, except that there is a funny light blue grinning fish as a weapon pendant. You can get it via an unspecified challenge, but nobody knows what it is or if it even exists. Perfect for the first of April. We wouldn't be surprised if the pendant is actually just randomly given away for the simple completion of matches. However, the accumulation of comments about playing in threes suggests that this mode could at least be part of the challenge.

There is something we can say for sure though: There's a new Battle Pass and the latest update has changed a lot, but to download it you have to sacrifice an old graphics card at full moon... April, April!

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