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R6 Share Is Back with Rainbow Six Siege Patch

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R6 Share is back with a bunch of team-inspired Rainbow Six Siege skins. (Image credit: Ubisoft)

Operation Shadow Legacy is in full swing and the latest Rainbow Six Siege patch brings some bug fixes and features from the test server that didn't make it into the big Y5S3 update. You can support your favorite teams again!

The new update goes live today and mainly brings bug fixes that didn't make it into the major Shadow Legacy update. R6 Share also goes live again and you can support your favorite teams by buying affiliated skins.

Y5S3.1 Update

  • The Vote-to-Kick system will be completely removed from the game. The use of the system had been closely monitored and it was found that it was not being used in the true sense of the word and often led to unjustified kickouts.
  • The wrong sound effects when picking up a Hard Breach batch were fixed.
  • Some clipping errors were fixed.
  • Problems with climbing over obstacles on Chalet were fixed.
  • Fixed collision problems that allowed drones on Chalet to leave the map.
  • The problem that the defuser could not be lifted in certain places on Chalet was fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to go out of bounds on the EXT Helipad Trail on Chalet.
  • The table in the wine cellar can again be damaged by explosions as intended.
  • Gadgets should no longer float when attached to solarium windows on Chalet.
  • ADS sensitivity is saved when the console is restarted.
  • Problems with the in-game voice chat have been fixed.


  • The sensitivity of the Argus camera has been reduced.
  • Fixed visual problems when firing from the hip with the Argus Launcher
  • The Argus Launcher's crosshairs are now also affected by Mutes Jammer
  • The camera can no longer be attached to the same spot multiple times.


  • The shield animation can no longer be stopped by pressing the shoot button.


  • The 1.5x and 2.0x target optics no longer switch to others when you use Gemini.

Full patch notes at Ubisoft.

R6 Share Skins

As of yesterday, R6 Share is back in business with some tasty team skins on offer. All Tier 1 organizations receive a complete Operator Set consisting of headgear, uniform, weapon skin and weapon tag in the respective team's colors. The bundles cost 1680 R6 credits each.

You can currently find these skin sets at R6 Share:

  • FaZe - Goyo & TCSG-12
  • Fnatic - Iana & G36C
  • G2 Esports - Jager & 416-C
  • Natus Vincere - Mozzie & P10 Ronin
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas - Thermite & 556XI
  • Rogue - Tachanka & DP-28
  • Spacestation Gaming - Ela & Scorpion Evo
  • Team Liquid - Sledge & L85A1
  • TSM - Sofia & M762
  • Vitality - Valkyrie & MPX

The NiP set, for example, looks like this:

The 15 Tier 2 teams will each get a weapon skin and a weapon tag and the 17 Tier 3 teams will get a weapon skin. However, these will follow at a later date.

The special thing about the team skins is that 30% of the income from the purchase of the sets goes directly to the respective organization. So, you can support your favorite team directly.

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