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The Spell Slinging Battle Royale

Quick Review: Should You Play Spellbreak?

Mix deadly elements to destroy your enemies and be the last one standing (Image credit: Proletariat, Inc.)

Another contender has entered the Battle Royale game genre - may we present to you: Spellbreak. No guns, bullets, or pickaxes here - just the elements of fire, toxic, frost, wind, lightning, and stone. As a battlemage, you literally fly into battle wielding deadly spells. We have a quick review of the game and answer the question should you play it?

On September 3 Spellbreak went free to play across every platform in the gaming world: PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox. I guess the only version we are missing is mobile! On PC you will need to download the Epic Games Store app and each platform requires you to create a free account. So literally right now you could go play a match of Spellbreak so here are some reasons why you should.

The Character Loadout

Before a match begins you can pick one element (Class) to take into battle, don't worry you can always pick up a second elemental spell gauntlet (weapon) you find on the battlefield. This element serves as your weapon or spell you can freely cast to kill enemies. Also, you can select a shortlist of talents before the match begins, but the actual points to use the talents need to be collected on the battlefield.

Spellbreak loadout
Pick your class and talents to take into battle (Image credit: Proletariat, Inc.)

The Action-Packed Game Play

Other Battle Royales are a bit slower-paced, but Spellbreak is fast. The moment you drop-in, other players can very easily kill you. The ability to fly (levitate) is amazing and feels very responsive and intuitive to control. However, the spells are spamable and consume your stamina(mana) meter that recharges rather quickly. This meter is used for both levitating and spell casting. At first, you will find it hard to hit players with spells.

Spellbreak combat
Cast Spells and levitate in fast-paced game play (Image Credit: Proletariat, Inc.)

Collect Items on the Battlefield - Nothing New Here

Like in all other battle royale games, you find items on the battlefield to upgrade your character. However, there is no building or crafting in Spellbreak. They go full RPG! You collect common, rare, epic, and legendary armor and elemental spell gauntlets (your weapons) that boost your character's damage and stats. Kill (exile) another player and watch their corpse rain down all the items they collected. Finally, they have a skill rune that you can also find. This Skill rune allows you to get a mobility ability like a dash, a jump or invisibility to only name a few.

Spellbreak chest
Chests contain random items

The game is free to play so nothing to lose but your time. We recommend Spellbreak if you would like a quick and easy battle royale with a high skill cap and fast gameplay.

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