Tencent losing control of the game's publishing

PUBG Mobile Could Be Unbanned in India

PUBG Mobile could be unbanned in India

PUBG Corporation is trying to save PUBG Mobile from India's app ban list. (Image credit: PUBG Corp.)

PUBG Mobile was among 118 applications to be banned from use on the teritorry of India last week. The radical measures were part of the ongoing feud between India and China that has unrested the region throughout 2020. As if local people need more unrest. PUBG Corporation is understandably looking into possibilities to get their product unbanned and they might have found a way.

PUBG Corporation Takes Over PUBG Mobile Publishing from Tencent

The Indian government went on a witch hunt last week as part of the country's ongoing political war with China. More than 100 Chinese apps were banned within the country's borders. Among the blocked apps was PUBG Mobile. How is PUBG Mobile a Chinese app, you might wonder? Well, it is, or was, developed and published under the Tencent Games moniker, a Chinese corporation. That of course did not sit well with the Indians and boom, PUBG Mobile was no more.

In a bid to undo the damage, PUBG's original developer - PUBG Corporation, is looking to regain publishing rights to the mobile version of its game. The South Korean company hopes that this will untick the box on the Indian government's list and PUBG Mobile will be available in the world's second most populous country once again. It's obvious that this is a difficult market to let go of, so we fully expect PUBG Corp. to go all the way in this attempt to keep their positions within India.

Last week we speculated with Call of Duty Mobile's future in the region. The mobile version of Activision's smash hit franchise is also connected with Tencent Games, which raised valid questions over CoD Mobile's future in India. So far, the game hasn't been touched by the government's blacklist, but if it does eventually, Activision might be forced into the same type of maneuvers. Crazy thing politics are.

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