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PS5 & Xbox Pre Orders WILL NOT be delivered on time by Amazon


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Amazon has released an official statement - or rather sent out official emails - stating that preorders might be delayed. This is true for all next gen systems: The PS5 digital, the PS5 disc version, the Xbox Series X & the Xbox Series S.

This should come as no surprise but also as a serious warning: For a company like Amazon to release a statement like this is quite something. They will lose a significant amount of money and get a number of cancellations due to this and still, they must’ve calculated that this statement is the right course of action. One can almost assume how dire the preorder situation must truly be then.

Here is the complete email that Amazon sends out to its preorder customers:

We're contacting you about your order of Xbox Series X to let you know in advance that you may not receive this item on the day it is released due to high demand. We are making every effort with the supplier to procure more inventory. We will provide additional updates once more information becomes available.

You can basically copy-paste that statement for the PS5. So to all those who preordered, the question begs itself: Roll the dice with the preorder or cancel it and try your luck in stores on release day?

Remember: You can cancel your orders as long as nothing’s been shipped.

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