Is Sony still going full speed ahead?

PS5 Rumor: A New Launch Title & God of War 2 About to Be Announced?

God of War for PS4 is one of the best games in recent years. Is God of War 2 for PS5 already waiting for us in 2021?

Is God of War 2 about to be announced? (Image credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Just a few days ago, rumors of a new PlayStation 5 State of Play made the rounds, in which Sony could unveil the price and release of the next-gen console. Now another PS5 speculation has surfaced, which revolves around two new exclusive games for the Sony console.

A new PS5 rumor revolves around the state of play on the next-gen console, which Sony is said to hold in August. If we are to believe the source, the return of a long-running PlayStation series as a launch title, as well as the unveiling of God of War 2, awaits us in it.

New Rumor About the PS5 State of Play

The State of Play live stream, which Sony has still not officially announced, has just grown with two high-profile announcements. As YouTuber Moore's Laws is Dead claims, Sony will hold the live stream sometime in August to announce new PS5 games.

Meanwhile, some credible sources have confirmed that Sony has even more games in the pipeline than previously thought. According to the new rumor, it is the comeback of a well-known PlayStation series as a PS5 launch title. PS5 system architect Mark Cerny is also rumored to play an important role in the State of Play. What exactly this is about, however, is still unclear. It is conceivable that Naughty Dog is working on a new Jak & Daxter after The Last of Us 2 - the series was one of the best jump and run titles of its time on the PlayStation 2.

That would fit with regard to Cerny's participation. But also a new Killzone or Resistance would be titles that could come into consideration for a PS5 remake.

God of War 2 on PlayStation 5 by the End of 2021?

Furthermore, the rumor speaks of a God of War 2, which will be officially announced at the PS5 State of Play. We remember: in 2018 the Santa Monica Studios brought new life into the action series around the god of war Kratos and created one of the best games of the current console generation.

God of War 2 could continue the story in Nordic mythology and is said to be released for PlayStation 5 as early as the end of 2021. Santa Monica Studios has been working on the action-adventure series since 2005.

As always the information is to be treated with caution. Sony has neither commented on the rumors nor officially announced a new PS5 live stream for August so far.

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