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PS5: Hands-On Videos Show the Console & Gameplay!

Playstation 5 hands on

First videos show the PlayStation 5 in action. (Image credit: Famitsu)

We'll have to wait about a month before we can get our hands on Sony's next-generation PlayStation 5 console. Until then we can get an impression of the console & the gameplay of some titles with the now released hands-on videos.

We will have to wait a little longer before we can play with PlayStation 5. However, the first hands-on videos for the PS5 have now appeared on the internet, showing the console & gameplay and that's something.

Video credit: Famitsu via YouTube

PlayStation 5 Hands-On Videos

The next-generation PlayStation 5 console will be released in just over a month, and in the meantime, Japanese editorial offices, in particular, have gotten their hands on the new hardware and started a first test run.

We have no idea what the Japanese colleagues are talking about exactly but at least the video from Dengeki Online provides a first look at the console in action. It shows Astro's Playroom, which is pre-installed on every PlayStation 5, as well as the action title Godfall, which will be released when the new console is released.

Video credit: Dengeki Online via YouTube

4gamer also shows the LED light bar of the innovative DualSense controller, as well as various images of the console and the gamepad, which once again testify to the enormous size of the PS5. However, as we already know, the PS5 size has its reason: it is supposed to provide better and quieter cooling.

Ps5 dualsense led lichtleiste

The LED light strip of the PS5 controller shines in different colors. (Image credit: 4gamer)

However, many questions about PlayStation 5 remain unanswered at this time. As the number of previews increases, it probably won't be too long before we know every detail of the next-generation console that's about to come out in November.

The short loading times of the PS5 can also be seen in a short video. Although there is no comparison to the current hardware yet, it is definitely nice to see that a demanding title like Godfall loads in just a few seconds.

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