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PS5: The DualSense Controller to Come With Player Recognition?

Does the DualSense PS5 controller come with player detection?

A new patent indicates exciting features for the PS5 controller. (Image credit: Sony)

The new PS5 controller DualSense offers innovative functions such as adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Apparently it'll also be able to remember who is using it thanks to player recognition.

Most of the new features of the DualSense PS5 controller relate to the gaming experience itself. However, it seems that there is now an innovative feature beyond the actual gameplay: does the DualSense controller offer a new kind of player recognition?

How the DualSense Player Recognition Could Work

A newly released patent indicates that the PS5 gamepad is able to detect who is using it. How exactly the patent would be used is rather vaguely formulated. The document simply states that the PS5 DualSense controller is able to connect to data stored in player profiles using sensors to link to specific players and recognize who is using the controller.

Wow, this is true next-gen! Maybe there's a fingerprint sensor like on smartphones? Or maybe it works completely differently, we don't know.

Imagine taking the PS5 controller in your hand and using your fingerprint to start and log on to the console. This could be of particular interest for families, shared flats, or unspecified offices where there are several player profiles in the console memory.

As always, the submitted patent is not a confirmation that DualSense player recognition will be used. An official announcement of the innovative feature has not yet been made. So, we'll have to wait and see.

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