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Project Cars 3 goes full speed ahead in summer 2020

Project cars 3

Project Cars 3 takes a different approach than its predecessors. (Image credit: Slightly Mad Studios)

Slightly Mad Studios announced the racing simulation Project Cars 3, which differs greatly from its direct predecessor and aims a release this summer.

Project Cars 2 is one of the best sim racing games of recent years and has won several prizes with its realistic driving behavior and dynamic weather model. The rumor mill around part 3 has already been bubbling for a while, but yesterday's announcement came as a surprise. Project Cars 3 will be different.

Project Cars 3 starts in summer

Project Cars. The Sim-Racing series from Slightly Mad Studios has stood for pure and ultra-realistic motorsport action since its launch in 2015. But with Project Cars 3, the creators are taking a slightly different approach.

At the heart of Project Cars 3 is the extensive career mode, which aims to appeal to long-time Sim Racing fans and newcomers alike. Driving is done in ten varied vehicle classes on tracks around the globe.

The level of difficulty and realism can be adjusted to your own driving skills with a number of driving aids, AI levels, and targets. Thus, for the first time, beginners can also enjoy the racing game, while at the same time the core target group - namely fans of realistic racing simulations - won't be left behind.

Instead of free choice of events as in the predecessors, Project Cars 3's career ladder will work its way up from an inexperienced rookie to a racing professional. This is intended to make the progress feel more tangible, while intermediate goals provide additional rewards.

Project cars 3 tuning

Tuning and adaptation of the cars play an important role. (Image credit: Slightly Mad Studios)

Project Cars 3: Upgrades and setup tuning still in focus

Vehicle upgrades and tinkering with the perfect setup should still enjoy a similarly high priority. That's why Project Cars 3 features a new, even more, comprehensive upgrade system reminiscent of the Forza Motorsport series. With its beginner-friendly gameplay, the game approaches the arcade-sim hybrid of Turn 10 Studios anyway. Not the worst of it, after all Forza Motorsport has been considered the genre king among hardcore sims for years.

Multiplayer fans can also look forward to Project Cars 3 as the developers promise a completely redesigned multiplayer experience. Online you should be able to compete in planned events, which start at predetermined times of the day and lure with especially high bonuses. In addition to these official events, you can also continue to compete in highly customizable races in private lobbies or hunt down the ghostly best times of other players in the new Rivals mode.

At the same time, a lot has changed in terms of gameplay, while new tracks like Shanghai or Interlagos in Sao Paolo and extensive paint customization options provide additional fun. Project Cars 3 should be one of the most exciting racing games of the year. It will be launched in summer 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4,and Xbox One.

Video credit: Project CARS via YouTube

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