Revised model still a long way off

PlayStation VR 2: New VR Glasses for the PS5?

New PlayStation VR 2 glasses for PlayStation 5 all but confirmed

A new job posting indicates work on PlayStation VR 2 glasses. (Image credit: Sony)

VR is only available in the console market on PlayStation. The upcoming next-gen console will also support the latest PS VR glasses. However, a new job ad now indicates that we could expect a revised PlayStation VR 2 in the foreseeable future.

At the end of 2016, the PlayStation 4 with the PS VR made virtual reality on consoles possible for the first time. If you want to experience games on consoles up close, you can only do that on the PS4 up to now. The PlayStation 5 will also support PS VR and, if current rumors are to be believed, will even receive a revised PlayStation VR 2.

Sony is Looking for Employees for PlayStation VR 2

The rumors about a revised PlayStation VR glasses for the PlayStation 5 have been persisting for months, but Sony has not yet officially confirmed the new model. A revision of the 2016 model would be urgently necessary - especially in view of the PC competition from Oculus or HTC, the PS VR can't keep up from a technical point of view.

Now a job advertisement seems to have confirmed the existence of the PlayStation VR 2 for PS5, which speaks of the work on a new VR system:

We are developing a head-mounted display for next-generation VR, and we are in charge of mechanical design of barrels and small and lightweight housings that support optical systems, heat dissipation design, and development of jigs for optical system evaluation.

If you translate the Japanese job posting with Google Translate, the request becomes quite clear. In it, Sony is looking for new employees for a 15-person team that is working on the development of the next-generation VR headset.

Among the skills required are the following:

  • Lens barrel/case mechanical design technology. Experience designing lens barrels and housings for head-mounted displays, cameras, etc.
  • Heat dissipation design technology. Experience in mechanical/heat radiation co-design.
  • Optics-related technology/knowledge

PlayStation VR 2 is Still a Long Way Off

However, the job advertisement also mentions a development period of five years. We definitely shouldn't be expecting a possible PlayStation VR 2 PS5 release at the end of the year.

It's expected that Sony will confirm the development of the new PlayStation VR glasses during the upcoming State of Play. That's also when rumors say that the Japanese company will go further into the PS5 and maybe even finally reveal the official price and release date.

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Sony ready for pre-orders?

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