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A new function was leaked!

PlayStation 5: WRC 9 Leaks Activities Feature

WRC 9 for PlayStation 5 leaks activities feature
WRC 9 for PlayStation 5 leaks activities feature

The PlayStation 5 comes with many new features, but unlike Microsoft with the Xbox Series X, Sony has yet to reveal many of them. A preview of World Rally Championship 9 might have leaked

At the end of 2020 the next console generation around PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will start. Sony has already talked about the shorter loading times thanks to the SSD hard disk or the new possibilities of the DualSense controller, but we're still in the dark about the other functions. A preview of the Racer WRC 9 points to a new activity feature of the PS5.

PlayStation 5 Activity Feature: That's What It's All About

Sony's next-gen console apparently has an exciting feature that the Japanese have not yet officially announced. This comes from a preview of Gamereactor, which speaks of an Activities feature of the PS5 in connection with WRC 9.

The preview article was taken offline again pretty quickly, but can still be found in the archive, while Gematsu was able to make a screenshot. The article says:

Also as a free update for those who get WRC 9 on either PS4 or Xbox One, the game will upgrade to the next-gen versions on PS5 or Xbox Series X, and we're looking forward to seeing how performance, graphics, or features such as PS5's Activities feature (an instant deeplink to specific races directly from the console's menu) reveal the future of rally racing.

Another article by Gamereactor Spain revealed that the preview was made by Kylotonn Racing based on a preview by the WRC 9 developers, so the information came directly from the developers.

What to Expect at WRC 9

This feature has not been officially announced by Sony yet. It would make it possible to start certain events, missions, or activities of the PlayStation 5 games directly from the main menu of the console. It is conceivable that Sony could unveil the feature at the State of Play in August.

WRC 9 is the next offshoot of the official series for the FIA World Rally Championship and is scheduled for release on September 3 for PC and the current consoles. A conversion for the next-gen consoles will take place at the release, at the same time Codemasters will also venture into the off-road terrain with DIRT 5.

The racer is based on the WRC season 2020 and offers three new locations: Kenya, New Zealand, and Japan. Over 50 modern rally cars and 15 classic race cars are available to choose from, and the career mode has been greatly improved, while a brand new co-op mode lets you slip into the co-driver's skin.

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