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PlayStation 5: PS4 Controller Not Supported by PS5 Games

The DualShock 4 controller is not supported in PS5 games

The DualSense controller is mandatory for playing PS5 games. (Image credit: Sony)

Sony has released new information on the peripherals that can be used on the upcoming next-generation console PlayStation 5. The PlayStation 4 controller DualShock 4 is not supported in PS5 games. However, it looks better with licensed peripherals.

Displeasure among PlayStation fans: While all games of the Xbox Series X can also be used with the controllers of the current console generation, the brand-new DualSense is required to play PS5 games.

DualShock 4 Not Compatible With PS5 Games

Those who had hoped to be able to play the new PS5 games like Horizon: Forbidden West or Gran Turismo 7 comfortably with their existing DualShock 4 controllers might be disappointed.

As Sony has now revealed on the PlayStation Blog, the gamepad of the PlayStation 4 is supported, but only for PS4 games that are played on the next-gen console via backward compatibility. In the post, Sony talked about the supported peripherals of the PlayStation 5, where DualShock 4 is mentioned:

The DualShock 4 wireless controller and licensed third-party gamepads will work with supported PS4 games

Sony also states the reason for this:

We believe that PS5 games should benefit from the new functions and features of the new hardware, including those of the DualSense wireless controller.

PlayStation 5: Steering Wheels & Peripherals Can Be Used

So, while the new controller is absolutely necessary for playing PS5 games, it looks much better with other peripherals. If you have a licensed steering wheel, wireless headsets, or the PlayStation camera at home, you can also use them on the PlayStation 5. The following peripherals are supported according to Sony:

  • Special peripherals (like steering wheels or arcade sticks) can be used for PS5 games as well as supported PS4 games.
  • The gold or platinum wireless headset is compatible
  • All third-party headsets with USB and phone jacks are compatible
  • The headset companion app is not supported
  • PlayStation Move controller and the VR destination controller will be compatible with supported VR titles
  • The PlayStation Camera is also compatible, the adapter necessary for the connection is offered by Sony free of charge

The PlayStation 5 will be released at the end of the year. We already know most of the games, but the exact release date or price is something the Japanese haven't told us yet.

You can read more about gaming and esports on EarlyGame. We'll give you some good reasons to consider the Xbox Series X and show you how expensive the PS5 could be according to a recent leak.

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