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PlayStation 5: New Details and Announcements Coming Tomorrow!

There will be new details and announcements about the PS5 soon

There will be new details and announcements about the PS5 soon. (Image credit: Sony)

Tomorrow evening, the next State of Play edition will be on its way, but it will mainly focus on the current generation of consoles and PlayStation VR. But according to a new report, there will be further details and announcements about the PlayStation 5 in August.

In tomorrow's State of Play, the next-generation console PlayStation 5 will only play a minor role, but fans will apparently not have to wait too long for new details.

New PS5 Details in August

According to Bloomberg, citing unspecified PlayStation sources, the Japanese are planning to release more details and new announcements about PlayStation 5 in August, although the anonymous source did not specify the time frame.

It is conceivable that Sony will then finally give away the PS5 price and start the pre-orders for the console. According to current leaks, the next-gen hardware is supposed to cost around EUR 499, whereas the variant without a drive costs EUR 399. In June, Sony had already unveiled a few PS5 games, but we're sure many more will soon come. Will we get more details about two hot new exclusive titles this month?

Either way, we seem to be close to the PlayStation 5 pre-orders, according to the latest source code from Sony's US store, which also indicated a limited purchase of only one console per person. And since the console is scheduled for release later this year, probably in November, it's about time. Anyway, we're excited to see the State of Play tomorrow, August 6 at 17:00, which will also announce a few third-party games for PS5.

Overall, the PlayStation 5 looks quite promising but fails in some departments like the lack of support for the PS4 controller.

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State of Play is coming August 6!

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