Did your favorite player make it?

Players Finals Day 2 Is Over And We Have The Top 8!

The art for Puresteel Paladin from New Phyrexia and Double Masters

Many came in to compete, only 8 made it out (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

The epic Players Finals commencing this weekend elected the best 8 pros who will be duking it out for the grand prize next week. Did your favorite champion make the cut?

This week we witnessed two days of high-level Magic: The Gathering with the Players Finals show. A pool of 145 skilled planeswalkers was sifted out to just the best 8 who will engage in the final confrontation on August 1. We saw a lot of twists and turns, close calls, and a lot of… Wilderness Reclamation.

The top 8 looks as follows:

MTGA 2020 Players Finals Top 8

The Players Finals top 8 (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

Ben Weitz triumphed piloting a Four-Color Reclamation deck. A theme that stuck with the following slots, with both Allen Wu and Patrick Fernandez relying on the classic Temur Reclamation - the deck thought by many to be Magic’s best right now. Japanese contender Riku Kumagai went for a Mono-Black Aggro, Michael Jacob had a Mardu Winota, Kristof Prinz dominated day 1 with his signature Four-Color Reclamation, Raphaël Lévy went for a big bird Azorius Control and lastly, Christoffer Larsen just made the cut with his Jund Sacrifice.

Just looking at the stats will show you how close all these games were!

In addition, Wizards spoiled one of the cards from the upcoming controversial Double Masters set, and it is a piece sporting the Metalcraft keyword - Puresteel Paladin. A $15 Modern card originally printed in New Phyrexia.

The art for Puresteel Paladin from New Phyrexia and Double Masters

Yup, that’s a well-equipped paladin (Image credit: Wizards of the Coast)

You know us, with so many Reclamation going on, we need to take a look inside the archetype and share some decklists with you guys! Stay tuned!

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