Patch 10.14 drops tomorrow so let's see who will be OP!

Patch 10.14 Top Lane LoL Champion Tier List

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League of Legends Patch 10.14 joins us tomorrow, but that won't stop us from taking a look at who's going to be top in the top lane! Let's discuss some of the top picks you need to be considering when playing League of Legends.

League of Legends
Patch 10.14 will come to live servers Wednesday, July 8, 2020. You can expect a server downtime of 2-5 hours. Why not get yourself familiar with who's going to be OP for Patch 10.14? EarlyGame has the details you need to be top in the top lane.

These champions are in no particular order as they play incredibly well within the top lane. We'll also mention what champions can counter these op champions, just-in-case you need that extra edge! If you need a full rundown of our Patch 10.14 discussions, we've got you covered, and be sure to check back with EarlyGame for a 10.14 patch note deep-dive.

With a vast amount of champions in League of Legends, with another coming soon, Lilia, let's see who's OP, shall we?

Who's OP?

LoL Quinn

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These are some League of Legends champions you should strongly consider playing in the top lane for patch 10.14:

  • Volibear
  • Shen
  • Wukong
  • Quinn


Volibear might be getting some significant nerfs in patch 10.14, but that doesn't stop him from being pick in the top lane post-nerfs. Volibear's all about aggression and synergy with your Jungler. This bears main focus is all about tower-diving, building health, and armor stats. He's a priority pick in LEC and LCS for a good reason. He'll remain OP for patch 10.14, but we do caution the pick due to his incoming changes.

  • EarlyGame tip: If you need to counter this unstoppable bear in the top lane, consider picking champions that match his tanky stats, like Mundo, Cho'Gath, and Wukong.


Shen is a Ninja that we know, but did you know he's incredibly powerful right now? It's been a while since Riot Games has been able to touch this Ninja, but his taunt, global ultimate and great team fight potential, have made Shen rise in the ranks from patch 10.13, and we expect him to continue his reign throughout patch 10.14.

Building Shen with Warmog's Armor, Thornmail, Sunfire Cape, Spirit Visage, and Liandry's Torment, will ensure you are unkillable in the late game.

  • EarlyGame tip: We strongly suggest taking ignite over teleport for summoner spells. Why? Well, once you hit level 6, you'll be able to traverse Summoner's Rift, to your allies, with relative ease. The debate in taking Ignite over Teleport for Shen is a long one, but we want to focus more on aggression for Shen, as getting ahead with Ninja means no one will be able to stop you. Strong counters for Shen are Garen, Mordekaiser, and Jax.


Wukong is the king of the top lane right now. His changed abilities in recent patches have allowed this Monkey to rise to the top, quite literally, for a good reason. Wukong is incredibly strong, has fantastic team fight potential, and an ultimate, that is so strong, the League of Legends community is calling for it to be reverted.

Wukong is a high-priority pick right now due to his crazy damage output at all stages of the game. His Ultimate, Cyclone, can be cast twice! Mimicking the first cast effects make him a menace, and one we strongly suggest you pick for patch 10.14 due to so little changes made to hit abilities. We recommend going full lethality for Wukong, so get that damage in!

  • EarlyGame tip: Malphite, Camille, and Darius are fantastic counters to Wukong. Shutting Wukong down in the EarlyGame is recommended to stop him from spiraling out of control.


Sitting at an above 50% win-rate, Quinn has flown up the ranks of the top lane to quick domination. Her mobility, slowing capabilities, and blind make her a feared champion right now for patch 10.14. Her ability to roam much quicker than other top lane champions, allow Quinn to make great openings for her team, before using her hard CC abilities Blinding Assult and Vault to finish her enemies.

One downside to this fantastic EarlyGame champion in the top lane is that Quinn suffers from falling off in the late-game quickly, so if you pick Quinn, you need to win and win fast.

  • EarlyGame tip: When playing Quinn, focus on roaming when you reach level 6, this aggression to other lanes will aid your team, but don't forget to keep an eye on the prize, winning that EarlyGame. Counters to Quinn are Garen, Malphite, Renekton, Jax, and Volibear.

That just about does it for some of the upcoming OP lol champion lists for patch 10.14! Stick around with EarlyGame as we'll dive deep into those patch 10.14 notes. If you can't get enough of us, how about checking out our Top 5 plays from the weekend?

For everything else League of Legends, keep it here with EarlyGame.

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