Pasha's joining as a streamer

Pasha's Biceps Flexing for Team Liquid Now

pashaBiceps will stream for Team Liquid

Can North America even handle that biceps? (Image credit: pashaBiceps)

Team Liquid are flexing hard on 'em right now. The American organization has signed Polish CS:GO legend Jarosław "⁠pashaBiceps⁠" Jarząbkowski as an official streamer. In Liquid's own words, they just received a buff!

Pasha Bringing the Biceps to America

Team Liquid have been busy on the transfer market this summer. For the past week we've been covering the departure of former team captain Nick "nitr0" Canella and the official arrival of his replacement Michael "Grim" Wince. That was pro CS:GO stuff. This is not. This is stuff of legends.

The most famous biceps in esports is arriving to North America the only way he can - with a bang. Team Liquid might have gotten Grim for their pro CS:GO roster but the real transfer hit came on the streaming front. Pasha is joining the Liquid Stream Team! Of course, Liquid wouldn't miss out on an opportunity to make a neat little reveal video but if we're being 100% real, any reveal video for Papito would rock hard.

You Are Not My Friend. Only Team Liquid Is My Friend, My Friend

TL can be happy with what they've accomplished. There's hardly a bigger splash on the European CS:GO market than pasha. The charismatic Pole has over 1.2 followers on Twitch and around 360,000 in Twitter. He's been mostly active in CS:GO obviously, but has also tackled Riot's 5v5 shooter Valorant since its release a couple of months ago.

The Biceps entity makes it perfectly clear that if Liquid are in need of a player in the future, he's ready to step in and show these younglings how it's done. The only question on our mind is, why hasn't Stewie2K called him yet?

Pasha was a popular streamer way before he retired from pro play a year ago, but make no mistake, he was a baaad man on his day. Part of the longest-standing five-man lineup in CS:GO history at, he is not only a Major winner, but a Major MVP, so we all better put some respect on his name.

We can safely assume that with pasha becoming Liquid's friend, so will a legion of Polish fans. If somebody told you Poland could be rooting for an American team, how and where would you have woken up?

Well, starting today, that's no longer a dream, it's reality. 2020 truly is weird.

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