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Pacer Gameplay Preview


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About five years ago, the futuristic racing game Pacer landed on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. At that time, however, it was still called Formula Fusion. The ambitious goal of developer R8 Games was a spiritual successor to the legendary WipEout series. In Pacer, you can expect futuristic gliders racing at almost 1,000 km/h, narrow tracks, cool weapons, and a solid electro soundtrack.

However, just under a month before the release, there are still many question marks surrounding the game. On the track, the racing game makes a good impression. The feeling of speed is outstanding, the tech is dope and the handling convincing. On the other hand, however, there is the questionable enemy AI and the worry of scope & content. Just 14 tracks in the finished game is not all that much. Besides, it remains to be seen whether the campaign will really grip you. Still, there is potential in Pacer. Whether the title will be able to make use of it in the end - we will see when the game is scheduled to be released on September 17th.


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