Echo got some much-needed updates...

Overwatch update: Version 2.87 patch notes

Overwatch Echo in game

Echo needed a software update. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Overwatch got an update as Version 2.87 is here and available to download on all major platforms. We've got the breakdown of the patch notes and while nothing has drastically changed, the quality-of-life improvements and several bugfixes were welcomed by the Overwatch community.

What's new?

As mentioned, it seems that this small patch focuses on a lot of bugfixes for particular heroes. The most notable amount was for the recently released robotic AI Echo.

As expected, she has seen so much domination that she even got banned in the recent hero pools announcement.


Overwatch Echo in game

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Several fixes came in for Echo:

  • Fixed a bug that caused Echo to not respect the Toggle Booster option when she clones D.Va.
  • (CTF Game Modes) Fixed a bug that caused Echo to drop the flag when Duplicate ends.
  • Fixed a bug with Echo’s Duplicate where she would sometimes not play voice lines while duplicating D.Va.
  • Fixed a bug with Echo’s Duplicate where she would use Winston’s voice instead of her own after completing Primal Rage.

Other fixes

As expected, this robot needed a few more software updates before she could be more stable for the live client. Jokes aside, the Overwatch community has had plenty of issues with Echo's ultimate "Duplicate" in general. Besides her, a few other heroes got some bugs squashed this update, including Tracer. In some rare cases, you would see her blink to a completely unintended location on Hollywood, near point A (Thanks, Blizzard!).

D.Va's Mech spawn bug has finally been addressed. For those unfamiliar, it was her spawning in the starting room in the completely wrong direction and was also making her eject the wrong way during her ultimate. Possibly one of the funniest fixes was Baptiste's Immortality Field Disk looking incredibly large during his Highlight Intros. If only they were that large within the game...

Overwatch's latest patch is a small one but focuses more on bug fixes which is always a welcome addition for the game and a sign that Blizzard is taking good care of its shooter. For everything else relating to Overwatch patch notes and more, keep it here with EarlyGame.

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