The Eelevator Changes

Overwatch PTR Patch Notes: "For the Crusaders!"

Overwatch Reinhardt

Reinhardt has a new, epic voice line for his Ultimate (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

The new Overwatch patch is live on the PTR servers. The Elevator has finally been changed - after four years of player complaints! And there is also an epic new voice line for Reinhart.

First of all, if you're wondering what is so interesting about the elevators, here is a short explanation:

For heroes like Torbjörn, Bastion, McCree, and many others who don't have many or any movement tools to get onto those coveted "high ground" positions. They need stairs, elevators, and other equipment to move around the map. For the last four years, these devices have been a pain in the ass for players because they were on a loop and the players had to estimate when they could jump on them to gain the upper hand in a fight. Finally, in the new patch, these elevators will now only start when a player is standing on them and they are now accompanied by a suitable sound effect. Hopefully, this change means you can move across the map with more ease.

Overwatch Elevators

(Image Credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Besides these changes, there is another point under General Updates. The dev. team has also reworked the mature language filter as a way to curtail toxicity.

Before you only had the possibility to switch it on or off, but now you can set the filter to 3 different levels.

1. Friendly

This is the filter that hides all vulgar, obscene, and insulting words from a frequently updated list of words. Therefore, this filter is the most "Family-Friendly" option. So even younger players can let off some steam without being bullied by others.

2. Mature

Some of the words will still be readable, but in general, strongly offensive statements should be faded out. The easiest way would be to leave the salt in the kitchen, but this filter helps in keeping the major offenders under wraps.

3. Unfiltered

As the name suggests, nothing changes, and you can fully indulge in the toxicity of other players. However, we do not recommend this filter because you might see some unpleasant things from some rather salty players.

In addition, you can set a different filter for each chatbox.

Of course, these settings do not give people free rein on whatever words they wish to use. Blizzard continues to encourage players to report any offensive or vulgar language they witness in-game. We suggest taking a deep breath and counting down from 5 rather than cursing your way to a perma-ban.

Hero Updates

"For the Crusaders!", is Reinhardt's new voice line as he uses his Ultimate.

Bug fixes:

  • Wrecking Ball's Grappling Hook now has an improved detection on walls, so you can hook and swing from wall to wall more easily.
  • Pharah's eyes are no longer animated incorrectly when equipping the Lifesaver Skin.
  • Fixed another eye problem - the creepy bug that Baptiste's eyes didn't blink while he was in his idle animation has been corrected.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented Reinhardt's "Storm, Earth and Fire" achievement from being unlocked.

And a few other small things, but mostly related to textures and effect rendering. We hope you enjoy the new patch and if you have any cool matches or wholesome moments, don't be afraid to share them on our Twitter and Facebook!

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