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Overwatch Patch 2.94 Makes Echo Quieter

Overwatch Echo

Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Patch 2.94 for Overwatch went live on July 23rd. Echoes volume of gliding flight was adjusted again and some errors could be ironed out. We have all patch notes for you.

Echo has only been in the game since mid-April and has already received several adjustments. Blizzard recently had to increase the volume of Echo because it was too quiet in combat. This has also increased the volume of enemy Echo and the range from which its passive ability to glide can be heard. However, according to the players' feedback, the increase seems to have been too drastic, which is why the volume has now been reduced again.


  • The volume and the audible distance of enemy echoes in gliding flight have been reduced.
  • The sound effects of glide and tri-shot enemy echoes have been improved to make it easier to tell which direction they are coming from.
After the preliminary release for Echo, we made some audio-level changes to deal with issues that Echo was too peaceful incombat Those changes increased the enemy Echo’s volume and also increased the distance at which the hero might be heard relating to her passive hover. After more feedback, we feel like those preliminary efforts to change Echo were too extreme. In this patch, re-adjustments were made to lower enemy Echo’s passive hover sound in volume a little, and reign in the distance at which the sound is heard to have more consistency with other Hero steps in the Overwatchroster Extra modifications were made to both the enemy echo passive hover sound and tri-shot weapon fire sounds to help determine directionality.

Blizzard has reduced the volume of the glide and tri-shot sounds while ensuring that the direction from which the sounds are coming is easier to pinpoint. According to the developers, the volume of gliding flight should now correspond to that of enemy steps and be audible from the same distance.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that displayed player presence as being in the Arcade while playing a Competitive Open Queue match
  • Fixed a bug with the end of match and end of season UI displaying incorrect values for your career high SR
  • Fixed a bug in custom games that caused forward spawn rooms to be active for players on Deathmatch maps such as Temple of Anubis, Hanamura and Volskaya

The bug fixes include mainly minor bugs and improve matchmaking and performance. Nothing really game-changing, but always welcome. Additionally, there were two more for Brigitte and Wrecking Ball:

Overwatch Brigitte

Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment


  • Fixed a bug where the armor of Heroes with custom armor would continuously expire when they received multiple charges from Repair Set.

Wrecking Ball

  • Fixed a bug where Wrecking Ball could hit opponents with single balls much more often than intended.

We don't think this patch will change anything about the meta of the game, but Echo mains can definitely be happy that they are no longer heard across the map.

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