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The doctor would like to see you...

Overwatch Hero Number 32 on the way soon

Overwatch full team image
The Overwatch team. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

An enigmatic logbook entry and the gaming world holds its breath. Blizzard Entertainment is tweeting a bit, suggesting that there will soon be a new character in the Overwatch Hero Pool. There are two candidates for this. Who will it be?

If that's not the speculation of the week, we don't know what is. Blizzard Entertainment has tweeted a log entry by Dr. Mina Liao. Since the game developer likes to announce new heroes in short notice, let's speculate a bit. After all, there was a teaser about Baptiste and then the next day, the character was officially introduced. Perhaps the current tweet points to an announcement tomorrow:

Contender No. 1 – The Scientist

However, there are two possibilities about which hero could be behind this alleged announcement. It could be Dr. Mina Liao, who is one of the six founders of Overwatch. The researcher is a hot candidate for place number 32 in Overwatch's pool of heroes – and if she doesn't become playable now, she could turn out to be a character from Overwatch 2. Should she come, she would certainly be a good support character, with her scientific know-how being so essential in Overwatch.

Liao is not just any scientist. Apparently, she also specializes in artificial intelligence. Interesting.

Contender No. 2 – The Fly-by

There is, of course, another candidate for the next hero: Echo. With the animated "Reunion" video that introduces her right at the end, she could be another contender for spot 32.

If Echo is the next hero to join Overwatch, she will definitely be able to fly – whether permanently, with a timed cooldown or just as an Ultimate ability. She glides so beautifully across the street in the animated video... This is one of the reasons why she is our favorite contender for the next Overwatch hero. We'll see if and when we hear something about it from Blizzard Entertainment.