Reinhardt, Brigitte, Ashe and Reaper are out

Overwatch Hero Pool bans: Goodbye Ashe, hello Echo

Ashe hero rotation overwatch bans

Ashe is out for the time being. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

New week, new Overwatch Hero Pool. Once again, four heroes have been banished for a week. Blizzard Entertainment has also announced general changes to the Hero Bans.

New week, new complaints

One thing was not very popular in the Overwatch community: the Hero Pool Rotation. Every week, up to four Heroes were removed from the Overwatch Hero Pool, a mechanic intended to provide variety but above all caused displeasure within the community. Now, Blizzard Entertainment has announced that the Hero Rotation will only play in certain rank games. Everything below the Master Rank will no longer be affected by the Overwatch Bans. Players under 3500 SR are excluded and can pick any hero they want (thank the Blizzard gods).

For this purpose, the algorithm of the Overwatch Hero Pools has been changed. It should now only be based on the statistics of the Overwatch League. However, the changes should only come into play after patch 1.48. That's why the previous ban system will remain in place for the time being. And this week, a lot is going on.

Bye-bye Ashe and bis bald Reinhardt

He was the bastion of many teams. A key in the chain... but now, Reinhardt has been banished, for the time being, we'll have to do without him. In the last two weeks, he was the second most frequently picked tank in the Overwatch League and achieved a pick rate of 43.2 percent. After Wrecking Ball got banned, he was also the most frequently chosen main tank – so this probably means a switch back to the armored hamster.

Brigitte's farewell from the Overwatch Hero Pool will bring joy to some and sorrow to others. She was just a bit too omnipresent and the meta needs a rest from her. Echo players also can't take a break because McCree and Widowmaker are back in the game, so the winged robot can be shot down again... Just make sure you have Mercy to keep you alive!

We'll probably miss Ashe and Bob for the next seven days, but luckily, a part of the deadly Mei/Reaper combo has been taken out of the game. Adios Reaper! For everything else Overwatch, keep it here with EarlyGame.

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