McCree is banned yet again...

Overwatch Hero Bans in Week 9 – Echo is back!

Overwatch Hero pool week 9

Sorry, McCree! (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

The latest Overwatch Hero Bans are mainly hit scans with Wrecking Ball, Mccree, and Widowmaker. But Echo is back, finally! unfortunately, we miss the best supporter: Mercy.

Every Monday brings new changes in the Overwatch Hero Pool. Every week, Blizzard Entertainment bans certain heroes from the game to keep their games fresh – it would be boring to see the same heroes in-game all the time. While the latest addition to the Overwatch Hero Pool was affected last week, Echo is now making a return. However, we say goodbye to Mccree, Widowmaker, Mercy, and Wrecking Ball for the next seven days.

Overwatch Hero Rotation Week 9 – Hitscan

Hitscan affects a certain type of weapons in Overwatch: the ones that have no delay after firing until the target is hit. Such heroes include Soldier 76, Bastion, D.Va, and three of the banned heroes: Hammond, McCree, and Widowmaker. While Hammond can easily pass through D.Va, the other two heroes on the Overwatch Hero Ban list mean significant losses for the game.

McCree and Widowmaker are both very popular damage dealers – especially McCree, who can be seen in every game. However, it seems like his days of High Noon are coming to an end as he's banned for yet another week in a row. Widowmaker was also banned from the Hero Pool now three times this year. Replacing the game mechanics of these heroes is not really possible but we expect Hanzo and Soldier 76 to be picked more often now.

Overwatch hero pool mccree widowmaker

See you next week! (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

No Mercy this week

Until the end of the week, we have to give up Mercy. This is probably a bitter disappointment for many professional players who have already been surprised by the last Hero Ban of Echo. Now, the latest Overwatch hero is playable again but the promising support on Echo's side is now missing. Mercy is perfect for healing the floating Damage Dealer. The teamwork of Mercy and Echo was a core part of the strategy for many teams and now you will probably see a switch to supports such as Ana or Zenyatta to keep Echo alive.
Mercy weiwei overwatch coronavirus

Blizzard is showing no Mercy this week. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Each Overwatch rotation also brings long-missed heroes back into the Hero Pool: Besides Echo, Tracer, Orisa, and Moira are playable again – yay!

In addition to our previous assumptions about the meta changes caused by these Hero Bans, we expect that Double Shields will reappear more often – after all, Orisa, Sigma, and Mei are available in the game together. Other dream teams we'll be seeing more of now are Reinhardt/Zarya, Reinhardt/D.Va, and D.Va/Winston.

We are curious to see which compositions will be created now, how exactly the Overwatch Hero Bans will change the meta and how Echo will perform. We have all the news about the newest Overwatch Hero Bans and their best counters in Overwatch.

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