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Overwatch Was Free for a Brief Moment

OWL tokens

In addition to a copy of Overwatch, those eligible for payout will receive 200 OWL tokens. (Image credit: Overwatch League)

For a little while last night, Overwatch was free to get. Yep, you read that right. You could have gotten a free copy of the game via Overwatch League franchise Boston Uprising's official site. While the original message stated the giveaway was going to stand for a few months, it was shut down in less than an hour.

Overwatch Giveaway Lasted Just 45 Minutes

Late last night Overwatch League franchise Boston Uprising came up with an impromptu giveaway. Fill out a form and get Overwatch for free! No one expected it, but many took advantage really fast. Way faster than Boston and most likely Blizzard Entertainment expected.

Originally, the statement claimed forms could be filled out until as late as January 2021. Unsurprisingly, 45 minutes later the project was shut down because of overwhelming demand. How do you not see this coming is beyond us? How many copies have been prepared for this giveaway is also beyond us given how a 45-minute demand broke a system that was supposed to go on for months?

The whole thing was so weird that many questioned its validity. Somewhat unusual on the internet, it all turned out to be completely 100% legitimate. No proper statement has been given from neither the Boston Uprising, the Overwatch League or Blizzard on what the hell that was all about.

As it's all legit, those quick enough to send their forms in those golden 45 minutes will get their free copy of Overwatch and 200 OWL tokens as promised. The game is cheap enough these days, which might have been part of the thought process behind the giveaway, but no one has ever denied free stuff in the history of paid stuff, so yeah, someone done messed up here.

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