Triple Damage is coming...

Overwatch experimental card targets damage dealers

Overwatch Developer Update Triple Damage

Overwatch Developer Update. (Image credit: PlayOverwatch via YouTube)

In a recent Developer Update, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan discussed the new experimental card called "triple damage" which will change the usual composition to three damage-dealing heroes, two supports and a singular tank (sorry, tank mains).

Over a month ago now, Blizzard announced in a Developer Update video on YouTube that Overwatch would soon begin its experimental phase. This addition may or may not become a permanent addition to the first-person shooter but we now have confirmation of the first "experimental card" which will thrust the damage-dealers in the spotlight.

Don't panic, Overwatch players, this is still very much an experiment and will not be patched in live to your games as Jeff Kaplan reassures the viewers in the latest Developer Update. This switch-up changes the current meta in the game, where you usually have what is called the 2-2-2 meta. This basically means that each team is required to have two damage players, two tank players and two support players for any given map. With this experimental change incoming, things will change completely.

The entire idea behind the experimental card mode is to make several changes to the game that might not eventually make the live servers. However, it will still be something optional and playable for both PC and console players. As the concept is still incredibly fresh, we're yet to see the true impact that it will have on the game. What this will do, however, is change up the pace of team fights and the amount of damage that will be done during the game.

The issue with this is that having only one tank on the team puts a lot of additional stress on that particular player. Of course, this matches what Blizzard had intended on all along – preventing the game from going stale and switching things up here and there. We'll keep an eye on this and see how much this impacts Overwatch and its players over the coming weeks.

If you need a full rundown of the coming changes, you can check out the latest video from Overwatch here:

Developer Update | Experimental Mode: Triple Damage. (Video credit: PlayOverwatch via YouTube)

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