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Overwatch community furious as two supports banned in Hero Pools

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Overwatch is now running its latest returning event, Archives 2020, which includes a wide range of challenges and skins. However, one extra-severe complaint has caused ripples because the latest Hero Pool bans have seriously annoyed the community.

What's going on?

Hero Pools is something we've covered already and has become something of a regular dialogue inside the gaming community. First launched at the beginning of Season 21 of competitive play, an adjusted version was later added to the Overwatch League. With it, Blizzard Entertainment initially gave us the impression supplied that one support, one tank, and two damage heroes would be banned every week.

Week 1 witnessed two damage heroes banned and many assumed this would be a continuation into Week 2. However, they were furious to discover that two supports were banned instead, and are unavailable for the next week at the very least. At any rate, here is what was creating quite the displeasure this week in Overwatch.

Overwatch incoming Bans

Your latest Overwatch bans. (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Reinhardt, Reaper, Ana, and Moira have been removed from play this week, generating a rather large amount of distress from multiple members of the gaming community.

Why the rage?

As we mentioned, in the Overwatch League, Hero Pools are explicitly limited to one tank, one support, and two damage heroes banned per week with prior notice given to players. In competitive mode, there are seemingly no such restraints. Impairing two supports is an unexpected move, considering only seven support heroes exist in the game.

This becomes problematic to competitive play because Overwatch simply does not have the sheer quantity of heroes to choose from, so a certain role can look forward to getting penalized for a week until Blizzard Entertainment releases more heroes for us to pick from.

When does the pain end?

Hero Pools reset on Thursdays, usually around lunch but this does depend on your respective timezone. This means players will have to work with these bans in mind until March 19.

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