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Look... Look with your googly eyes...

The Overwatch April Fools Update is brilliant

Overwatch April Fools Joke
What more can we say here? (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Someone's looking very surprised... Overwatch welcomes its players to the new April Fool's Update. The heroes all have huge googly eyes and to be honest, they look incredible. We want it to be a permanent feature from Blizzard Entertainment.

"April Fools!" That's what Overwatch is saying right now. The iconic shooter's April Fools Update brings a kind of new skin, but only the eyes of the heroes are affected. The Overwatch community is absolutely enjoying this, even asking it to return again next year:

Ana is "apparently" affected by the update. But she's not alone – other characters stare with the oversized Googly Eyes and it's once of the funniest things we've seen in Overwatch in quite some time. Torbjörn, like Ana, looks around with only one Googly Eye. Even Bastion, who has no eyes at all, has been equipped with two, and Hanzo's dragons sweep through you in a roll-eye style which is just amazing:

With its April Fools update, Overwatch has organized a really successful Day of Fooling the community. So keep your eyes on the game (hopefully) and check out all the characters. We've never laughed so much, seeing the plays recreated with crazy eyes bouncing everywhere as a Reinhardt beats a one-eyed Ana into the ground, but that's what you can expect today.

April 1 is known in the video games industry and around the world for the jokes we play on each other. Rainbow Six Siege has unlocked a weapon pendant but nobody knows how to get it and LoL enchanted its players with a cute Urgot skin we've all waited for years.

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