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New skins for the 2020 champs

Overwatch 2020 All-Star Legendary Skins Revealed

OWL 2020 Skins
D.Va and Reinhart get the All-Star treatment (Image Credit: Blizzard)

The Overwatch League 2020 season is now! New skins for D.Va and Reinhart were revealed on September 13’s broadcast of the OWL. Each skin loosely represents its region, but either way, they look sleek and the color’s really pop. The skins will be available from September 29 to October 12. What do you think? Are the skins fit for a champion?

D.Va’s Skin is gold, blue and white and the themes reflect the Asian teams that often use the same color scheme. This Skin has a serious futuristic angelic vibe with its clean white and bold gold accents. D.Va’s mech matches and its gold wings really sell the angelic feeling.

While Reinhart’s new skin is more mystical and features earthy tones in brown, green and navy. Reinhart’s armor looks like carved wood and is accented with horns and jade highlights. This color scheme is indicative of the North American teams and the skin has a back to nature feel.

For a look at the new stylish OWL 2020 skins, Blizzard’s tweet has the skins in a short promo video.

The Overwatch League Finals are set for October 8-10 and if you can’t wait till then you can tune for weekly matches on the Overwatch YouTube channel. Each region will first play in its own tournament and the top teams from each region will advance to the playoffs.

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