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Echo's clone's death has been fixed!

Overwatch 2.89 Patch Notes

Overwatch Echo
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch has been scarce with the updates recently, but Patch 2.89 has dropped and has some notable fixes for the live servers. Let's dive into them!

Overwatch is in a state of downtime at the moment. With the Overwatch Anniversary in full swing, which ends on June 9, updates to Overwatch are scarce. We anticipate more extensive patches after the Overwatch anniversary event has finished.

Patch 2.89

Overwatch Echo
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

The following updates have been provided by Overwatch for current bugfixes for 2.89:

  • [PC-Only] Fixed a stability issue for users with Nvidia SLI or AMD Crossfire configurations.
  • Fixed a Custom Game loading issue for Mei's Snowball Offensive game mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the Anniversary loot box screen camera focusing on the Anniversary lobby background resulting in loot box content confusion.

Game crashes were plenty for those who were trying to play Mei's Snowball Offensive. Reports from players indicated games failing to load completely, or game crashes. The fix is welcome from fans, so be sure to get those custom games in!

Rather notably from this Patch 2.89 is the stability fix for Nvidia SLI or AMD Crossfire configurations (PC-only). With this fix intended, those using these configurations should have a better Overwatch experience for those using two or more video cards together.

Several Hero fixes have introduced this patch 2.89 which include:


  • Fixed a bug with the Little Red Ashe skin animating incorrectly when canceling out of the Take a Knee to emote.


  • Fixed a bug with Baptiste's Immortality Field disc displaying too large during his highlight intro preview pose.


  • Fixed a bug where the kill feed could display an Echo clone's death without it actually being destroyed.


  • Fixed a bug where Orisa’s Halt! the ability would leave a fire effect on the ground if using the Demon skin.

We're so glad Overwatch fixed Echo's kill feed bug, it was incredibly annoying, to say the least.

A final reminder that the Overwatch Anniversary event ends on June 9! So make sure you get those skins you've always wanted.

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