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Any Black Friday Deals for the Xbox Series X|S?

Xbox series x vs xbox series s

The pandemic could have an effect on any potential Xbox Series X|S discounts. (Image Credit: Microsoft)

The new generation of consoles is here aaand it's expensive. Naturally, on the holy day that is Black Friday, we wondered: can we get the Xbox Series X|S at any sort of discount? When can we expect prices to drop on a permanent basis?

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S were launched earlier this month. Nothing can stop people from looking for bargains, however, so as unlikely as it might be, a Black Friday Xbox Series X|S sale is something folks have been looking out for. Is it a thing?

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Xbox Series X|S on a Black Friday Sale?

We are going to shock you here, so hold on to your boots! There are going to be... no discounts for the Xbox Series X|S whatsoever during Black Friday 2020. It's courageous to even hope for such a thing, but we'll explain in brief why the console will be sold at full price anyway.

  1. It was released less than three weeks ago. It's fresh. It's brand new. Part of the reason console generations are relesed during this time of the year is to avoid the Black Friday and Christmas sales. That way Microsoft can say "yo, the console's been out for a month, fam, whataya expect?", and they would be in their right!
  2. Just like the PS5, the Xbox Series X|S is disappearing from shelves faster than toilet paper in 2020. That's at regular price. Imagine what would happen if the console goes on any kind of sale. Yeah, apocalypse now.
  3. The above is connected to the current point. The new Xbox is selling well! Not nearly as well as the PS5, but well enough to be in high demand. No one's putting discounts on stuff that is selling at regular price.

When Can We Expect an Xbox Series X|S Discount?

The coronavirus pandemic makes it harder to predict. Gaming suddenly became a borderline essential need to keep our sanity intact during lockdown. We all hope that won't be a factor by the time we should expect feasible Xbox Series X|S discounts. We also hoped it won't be a factor now, yet here we are.

If the market sticks to any form of normality, the 2021 spring sale season is a decent guess at when we can see glimpses of price reduction. Don't jump out of your seat though. Even if there is a discount, it would be a symbolic one - $20-$30 at most. More can be expected of next year's Black Friday where we might reach 10-15% discounts.

Once again, take these estimates with a grain of salt. The global pandemic's extension deep into 2021 could potentially keep the Xbox Series X|S' market worth for longer than we'd like.

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