The Xbox Exclusive won’t be part of your game collection until next year

Xbox Exclusive CrossfireX Delayed to 2021

CrossfireX Delayed to 2021

2020 really isn't the year of many game releases, huh? (Image Credit: Smilegate)

Those of you who were excited for the Xbox Exclusive CrossfireX are going to be disappointed now.

Yet another game that suffers because of this year's situation.

CrossfireX was supposed to be released this year, but just like Cyberpunk 2077 and many others, it got bushed back due to COVID.

The official Twitter account for CrossfireX tweeted this earlier:

Not the kind of tweet that people were expecting (via Twitter)

The announcement comes with mixed reactions. Half of the responses that Smilegate got on the tweet were positive, with encouraging and understanding replies, whereas the other half shows their disappointment after having thought that CrossfireX would be one of the games that they could play at/soon after the launch of the new console.

The South Korean company pushes the release back to give players an experience on console that they’ll never forget and while that is admirable, the bitter taste in our mouth still lingers, just like it did with all the other games that got pushed back.

We just want a little bit of positivity this year, you know? Like these!


CrossfireX is the sequel to Crossfire, which accumulated over 1 billion registered players in China and South Korea. That alone should tell you just how much people are wanting to finally get their hands on CrossfireX.

As of right now, we only know that it’s delayed till 2021, but as for when exactly, we don’t know yet. We have to wait for further announcements of Smilegate.

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