What Does it Take to Be a Professional Esports Athlete?

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You'll have to dedicate your personal life in order to become a professional esports athlete. (Image credit: ArchDaily)

There is no denying that esports has become more popular than traditional sports. At first glance, this seems like an ideal job to do. However, the truth is not that rosy – esports athletes literally have no time for themselves as they have to work hard to stay relevant since the talent pool of emerging players is huge.

If you are still up for the task, here's what it takes to become a professional esports athlete, so do not miss out!

1. Passion For the Game

If you are just an avid gamer that likes to play various popular titles, then going pro is not meant for you. In order to compete professionally, only one game should be on your mind. Games such as CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2 and Valorant are by far the most popular esports right now.

If you tick the first box and you invest a lot of time into one game, then feel free to move on to the second step to being a professional esports athlete.

2. Dedication to Esports

Without sheer dedication, you got nothing to look for in the world of competitive gaming. This is how we are programmed to succeed. Dedicate your entire self to the game and learn from your mistakes.

Even if you do not see the results at first, in the long run, dedication will do wonders for you. A lot of people had what it takes and they started playing video games on a professional level, then quit. They had the individual skill to do it, but most of them had barely any dedication for the game.

For a good example, we only have to look at Astralis. They had a solid lineup, but the dedication for the game was there, starting with their in-game leader all the way up to the entry fraggers, AWPers and support.

Esl One Cologne

ESL One is often labeled as the most popular esports organizer. (Image credit: ESL)

3. All Your Free Time

If you recently downloaded a game and you are already considering going pro, then we will have to disappoint you. The entire esports scene is filled with talent right now and there are hot prospects emerging on a daily basis.

In order to have a decent chance against them, then your individual skill has to be at a high level. This means that most of your free time will go towards sharpening your skills. Luckily, there are plenty of edited maps that will help you a long way and speed up the process of learning.

4. Constant Improvement

This relates heavily to your free time. The more free time you have, the more of it you can invest in improving and working on your game. This is by far the most important thing if you want to be a professional athlete.

So, what is the best way to improve and work on your game/individual skill? By far the best advice you can follow is to watch your VODs and DEMOs. From that point on, you will find out all of the little mistakes and timing, and you can adjust to that accordingly.

On top of that, do not hesitate to train on edited maps that have been built for practicing. All in all, fix your mistakes, reaction times, timings and you have already made a huge leap towards being a professional esports athlete.


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