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Alladin is now fully supported by his bear brothers. (Image Credit:

The Russian esports organization commonly known as “the bears” will now be taking of an actual bear! is easily one of the most recognizable esports organizations in the world. That’s mainly due to the success of their teams in CS:GO and Dota 2. Then there’s also the team’s awesome logo and their mascot – a bear.

Yesterday the organization announced that they’ll be fully supporting a bear.

The Asian black bear Alladin from the Moscow zoo has been taken into care by

Alladin had a hard life. When he was just a cub he lost his mother and came to the forester camp looking for food and help. He wouldn’t have survived in the wild without his parents, so he has been transferred to the Moscow zoo where he still lives to this day.

All the expenses of keeping Alladin are now covered by

We’re a bit let down that the bear’s name isn’t Alexander or Dimitri but also very happy that Alladin will be fully covered from now on. Maybe VP can even introduce Alladin to Boris.

Let's not forget the team's actual Dota 2 coach. (Video Credit: dota2 via YouTube) CEO Sergey Glamazda also commented:

A lot of animals in the zoos have suffered from human cruelty in the past. Apart from their main function of saving the population of rare and endangered species, zoos also help the animals harmed in the wildlife. We initiate and support charity campaigns on a regular basis and this time we decided to pay attention to the animal's problems by taking into care our club’s mascot — a bear.

A lot of esports organizations give away to charity but we don’t hear about it most of the time. It’d be nice to see more orgs follow the example of VP and help their mascots in need. Maybe we’ll see Liquid support a horse next?

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