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How to survive?

Get Started in Valheim: Essential Tips for Beginners

Valheim tips and tricks survival
Credit: Valheim

If you are looking for Valheim beginners' tips and tricks, you came just to the right place. Valheim is the game everybody is talking about lately. It is a Viking survival co-op PvE game that surpassed 1 million users in early access and broke many records.

According to Steamcharts, the game is already in Top 10 of all time by current players with the highest peak of 391K players. Even though the game takes only 1GB of disk space, it is a very complex game with an unrealistically big map and countless things to do.

Valheim Main Story Tips

Valheim tips spawn location
Spawn Location (Credit: Valheim)

The main story of this game revolves around 5 bosses that you must kill. Each boss requests different sacrifices and you have to defeat them to unlock and craft new items. I saw a lot of players complaining as they can’t find a way to craft a pickaxe. It is actually impossible to craft it before you defeat the first boss, Eikthyr. Find the red stone close to the spawn location and locate the first boss. Luckily, the first boss is relatively easy to summon and defeat. As for the summoning part, you will have to sacrifice two deer heads while a simple bow and arrows are enough to defeat him. Other bosses are stronger, and it will require much more preparation to even summon them.

Valheim Map Tips

The map in Valheim is huge. After you spawn, you will see only a fraction of the full map. You need to explore the world and the map will draw as you move. Don’t forget to take advantage of the markers. You can mark every interesting location and come back later to check them out.

Valheim tips map
Map (Credit: Valheim)

Valheim Base Tips

Speaking about Valheim tips and tricks, the very first thing you should do as soon as you join the game is to build a base. You need a bed and campfire to create a spawn point. But don’t just build your base on the place you have spawned. Instead, pick a good location for a base. It should be close to water and mountains, so you have everything close by. Even though specific crops grow only in certain areas don’t think too much about it while finding a base location. In the late game, you won’t have a problem with that because you can set up fast travel portals and have multiple farms at different locations.

Gathering Supplies & Crafting Tips

There is no need to think when it comes to gathering supplies. Just pick up everything you can and kill every enemy you didn’t saw before. Each item will unlock something new to craft. And yes, craft everything you can. Crafting items is the best and fastest way to unlock new recipes and progressions. It is the ultimate way to move through the game. Even if you think you don’t need something and you won't use it, it may lead to something else, so craft it by all means. Your items are expandable but there is no repair cost so always keep your gear in check.

Valheim Tips for Eating and Fighting

Food isn't hard to find but it is essential to always have 3 different kinds of food in your belly at all times. Just eat all 3 types to boost your hit points to the maximal amount.

The fighting system is not like in other games. There is no best or worst weapon in this game. Every weapon is unique, dealing different amounts of damage to different enemies. So, our suggestion is to carry multiple types of weapons and experiment with them. See which weapon is best against the given opponent and try to remember it for future encounters.

Valheim Tips Thombstone
Death Location - Thombstone (Credit: Valheim)

There are different fighting techniques but sneaking and backstabbing usually deal the highest amount of damage. Sometimes the enemy will just be too strong, and you will eventually die. If you die, remember where it happened and come back to collect your items from the tombstone. However, all the food will disappear, and your skills will decrease a little. So, don’t die in vain and try to always stay alive. In other words, don’t die while chopping wood, because, in this game, even trees can kill you if you are not careful. We hope you liked

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