You can also give yourself a present for Christmas!

Top 10 Christmas Presents for Gamers!

Weihnachten für Gamer

Every gamer will have a great Christmas if you give them one of these great gift ideas! (Credit: Respawning UK)

Christmas presents us with another excuse to give ourselves – or others – rich gifts. This year, the Christmas deals for gamers are not without their problems, so we present you with 10 of the best Christmas gifts you can buy either for yourself, or for your favorite gamer buddy!

Surely there is now at least one person who complains and says: “But Christmas is not for 2 weeks!” Honestly, do you really want to wait until just before Christmas to buy presents? Do you really want to risk the presents not arriving on time? That you have to wait three hours at the cash registers? No, not at all!

So here are our top 10 Christmas gift deals for gamers!

10. VR Gaming

It probably won’t be like the GIF above, but Jochen Schweizer also has some other games on offer that are ultra-cool.

No matter if you are alone or with friends, at Jochen Schweizer you can just try out the VR fun. The best thing about it is that tickets for €38.90 is not even expensive. And let’s face it, 2020 wasn’t necessarily the most exciting year, we could all use a little action!

So, why don’t you start 2021 with something different, like this? Having a VR day with your friends doesn’t sound bad, does it? Just stop by Jochen Schweizer and see for yourself!

Steam and origin meme

Nobody wants UPlay. And no-one ever will.

9. Steam/Origin Games

As in each of our deal articles, we would like to draw your attention to both Steam and Origin. Both have incredible deals every Christmas, especially on Steam – because there are only bloody EA Games on Origin... jeez.

Well, anyway, you should stay up-to-date with them, because the offers change every day. Bioware games are also available on Steam, but they are usually cheaper on Origin. So, if you want an EA game, then you’ll have to deal with Origin. For all other games, though, Steam is your best friend!

Monitor meme

Hmmmm... there's a point here. (Credit: Pinterest)

8. Gaming Monitor

Throughout the year, you have many opportunities to buy a new gaming monitor at low prices. Christmas is no exception.

2020 ends with games like Cyberpunk 2077, which you will surely want to play on the best screen possible, right? For a 4K monitor, you will be forking out a lot of money, but there are cheaper alternatives for almost as good quality.

Some examples are:

Amazon meme

Hey, hey, hey we're just telling you about the deals. Which one you end up buy is up to you! (Credit: Mememasterabby)

7. Amazon Deals

In our previous articles like this one, we have always presented special deals from Amazon. But we thought: how do we know exactly what you want? Sites like Amazon have so much choice when it comes to gamer stuff!

So, this is all we will say: just browse through the gaming deals on Amazon yourself. But, if you end up with ugly Among Us socks, it’s not our fault, okay?

6. VR Racing Simulator

We have already introduced the normal VR by Jochen Schweizer, but for those of you who are specifically looking for VR racing simulators, here it is!

We promise that it will be much more professional than on the GIF above. Jochen Schweizer promises you 25, 50 or 70 minutes of pure action time. For a price of €23.90, this is a great deal, which you should definitely check out if you love racing!

Gamestop meme

Who doesn't know it? (Credit: Know Your Meme)

5. GameStop Deals

GameStop is great if you don’t want to sell your own games. No matter what kind of games you want, there’s definitely something for you.

Those of you who have ever set foot in a GameStop know that there is much more to it than just games. This year again, GameStop has all kinds of offers that a gamer’s heart could desire. No matter if you game on Console or PC, here you will find offers up to the limit.

And if you finally want this Thanos Glove, you’ll probably find it on sale soon!

Gaming mouse meme

Hohoho, get it? (Credit: Pinterest)

4. Gaming Mouse

Mice are probably the gaming accessories that break most often. It just happens so quickly if you play CoD a tad too aggressively.

These mice are currently on sale:

3. Consoles

No, unfortunately we have no PS5's to giveaway or sell. We are just lucky to have one at all! But you should not forget the other consoles. With Christmas coming up, and the change-over to Next-Gen starting to shift away from the PS4 and Xbox One, the old consoles are often on sale.

No matter what console you end up choosing, now is a good time to buy them:

2. Phone Cases

Every gamer is simply a big geek deep inside. But many of us are no longer at the age where we can fill our room with posters. We want to show our love for video games in a different way. And Phone Cases? They always work!

No matter what game is your favorite, be it League of Legends, Dota 2, or a something completely different, we advise you to check out Redbubble. They have a lot of goodies for every game, not just phone cases (and if you don’t have the right contract yet, we can only recommend this one).

1. Vouchers

Probably the simplest and yet best kind of gift, for a friend, a family member, or someone else.

There’s no game out that you currently want? But you still don’t want to give each other nothing for Christmas? Then give yourself a gift voucher and redeem it when something good comes out!

Meanwhile, there are gift cards for everything, and you can buy them pretty much anywhere. That’s why we don’t include any links for them, because you can simply head to your local supermarket and pick one up! That’s not too bad, right?

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So, those were our Christmas gift ideas for you, with which you can now certainly let off steam. Don’t forget, Christmas is just around the corner, so make sure you grab them before it’s too late!


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Original article by EarlyGame's Michelle Stummreiter.

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