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It's been a great year for Steam, if for no one else

Lucky 7! Steam Breaks Concurrent Players Record, Again

Valve Steam Recurring Players Record
Steam is breaking player records left and right. (Credit: Valve)

Valve sure are enjoying life since the COVID-19 pandemic spread worldwide, as bad as that may sound. The company's PC gaming platform Steam has broken its concurrent players record for the seventh time in the last year, with over 26 million playing at the same time.

Valve's accountants will probably dread the day we move out of lockdown, as the company has been breaking its own records seemingly every week. The player base yesterday, February 7, climbed over the 26 million mark for the first time ever, comfortably breaking the previous record of 25.4 million, which was set just last month.

It's easy to understand where Steam's success is coming from. People don't have much to do, are bored and are fighting the boredom with some good old gaming. We doubt this record will stand too long either at least if the worldwide situation doesn't flip for the better in the next couple of weeks.

As great as that would be, it is extremely unlikely. The 26.3 million people that were playing at the same time yesterday are therefore likely to be overtaken in the near future. Let's just hope that whatever the record is when COVID-19 finally goes away, it is going to stand for a looong time.

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