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Razer response to CoVId-19

Razer Project Hazel: The World's Smartest Face Mask


Razer has just announced that they will produce a high-tech face mask in response to the global demand for surgical quality masks that protect against the spread of viruses like CoVid-19. Let's take a look at Project Hazel.

This video highlights what the mask will be, it will even have voice technology that will amplify your voice so it is not muffled by the mask, or what razer is calling Project Hazel.

Corona has normalized masks so it's about time they become high-tech and trendy. However, this will very likely be a luxury product as it is both an N95 mask quality mask with heat vents and other features. Furthermore, its overall design is made for comfort, but the price of it has yet to be announced. What is not shown in the video is that the mask will also come in white and both colors will come with a case according to Razer's website.

It Looks... Kind of Cool?

The part of the video where they showed the models wearing the masks did give pause. If you were to wear this mask, it would not surprise us if you got a few strange looks from people in public. However, we have to ask it...are these the next Google Glasses? R.I.P!

Razer Project Hazel Face Mask
Hmmm now that I see it on someone, I don't know. Would you wear it? (Credit: Razer)

Razer products are always black with green highlights, but they have been known to produce products in pink and white so it will be no surprise if the Razer Hazel mask comes in different colors too.

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