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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Neon Dawn: Big Changes for the Defenders

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Neon Dawn

Aruni brings practical laser gates with it. (Image Credit: Rainbow Six Siege via Twitter)

The fifth year of Rainbow Six Siege is drawing to a close. Finally, the fourth operation "Neon Dawn" will start soon, which will turn things around, especially on the defender side.

Y5S4 will end with Operation Neon Dawn and as usual, will bring a lot of new content and adjustments. With the new operator, the Thai Aruni, defenders get a new very interesting gadget. Furthermore, the defenders get nerfs for echo and hunters, and also the rework of the map skyscraper offers new options.

Aruni Brings Surya Gate

Aruni is introduced in Operation Neon Dawn as the new defender. The Thai operator has a prosthetic left arm and leg and a prominent scar on the left side of her face. She is equipped with the MK14 EBR assault rifle, the P10 RONI submachine gun, and the PRB92 pistol. This makes her the first operator on the defender's side to receive a DMR, i.e. a semi-automatic rifle.

Surya Gate

The new gadget - Surya Gate. (Image credit: Ubisoft)

The most exciting thing about her is her gadget - the Surya Gate. With it, she can create a laser net on walls, doors, windows, hatches, etc., which destroys drones and projectiles such as grenades, C4, and the like. It also causes damage to attackers who pass through it. Only bullets can pass the gate. Once the Surya Gate is triggered, it has a short recharge time after which it can be reactivated by defenders with a shot.

Here you can see the Surya Gate in action:

Video credit: Youtube - Ubisoft North America

This new gadget gives the defense team a variety of options. It is not only used to fend off grenades or gadgets of the attackers, but also as a trap that inflicts damage to enemies that are passing through. Defenders can easily go through it, and Aruni can collect the Surya Gate again and places it somewhere else. This makes the gadget a threat for the entire match. Attackers cannot destroy the gadget, but can only deactivate it by throwing something through or passing through. Used correctly, the defenders can more or less block certain entrances for an entire match and force the attackers to look for other options.

Nerfs for Echo and Hunter

Echo is probably the most banned operator in Rainbow Six Siege. Why is that? Mainly the invisibility of his Yokai drones. Ubisoft now reacts to this and completely removes the invisibility of the Yokai drones. The latter still function as before but can now be seen with the naked eye. The gameplay will not change, except that Echo players will have to place their drones more carefully in the future if they don't want them to be detected immediately.

Hunter's gadget has also been hit. The German operator is very popular thanks to its ADS because, once placed, it intercepts all projectiles of the attackers. With the upcoming patch, his ADS will go into a 10-second cool-down after intercepting a grenade, etc. before it can intercept the next projectile. This gives attackers the chance to throw a second grenade after the first one, which should hit the target.

Faster detection

Another nerf for the defender side is faster detection. Previously, defenders could leave the building for two seconds without being detected. This often enabled the one or other kill at the beginning of a round. Since these "surprise kills" could be very frustrating for attackers, the time until the defender is revealed was reduced to one second.

Skyscraper Overwork

On the map Skyscraper, some balconies have been removed to reduce the ability of attackers to take out defenders without entering the building. There are also new room dividers, and some rooms are now less visible from above. All this makes defenders less vulnerable to attack and gives them more possibilities to build a successful defense.

What do you think of Aruni and her Surya Gate? Are the nerfs justified for the defender side? Let us know on Facebook!

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