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The Japanese company do like their building-shaped consoles

Was the PS5 Designed After a Building? Again, Sony?

PS5 Building in China
Two PS5s with an Xbox Series X|S squeezed in between. Canvas, 1629, colorized. (Credit: XiongYonghang via Reddit)

PS5 is a big deal. We're sure you already knew that. How big exactly though? How about a twelve-story building? Sounds oddly specific, doesn't it? That's because it is. A PS5-shaped building was pictured in China and the similarities are amusingly frightening.

A lot of people across the globe aren't able to get a regular PS5 while others go out and build a damn near skyscraper in the shape of the new Sony console. Life just isn't fair. But it is funny.

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Chinese Building Shaped Like a PS5

As the PS5 isn't exactly a perfect geometric shape, perhaps there aren't many architects out there that would go for designing a building in the likes of the console. Maybe there aren't many, but there is one and that's all that's needed to create this meme masterpiece.

PS5 Building in China
Is that an Xbox Series X in the middle? (Credit: XiongYonghang via Reddit)

We can't judge the architectural side of this building. We will do that once earlybuild.com launches. We do appreciate memes at earlygame.com and while the original idea was hardly to amuse some European shmucks on a gaming site, we do appreciate the final results.

While we await the neighboring Xbox Series X building, we should disclaim for those that aren't great at sarcasm that this architectural masterpiece was there way before the PS5. If anything, Sony might have designed the console in the likes of this building an not the other way around.

I mean, there is some solid evidence to back that theory up.

Sony console buildings
Sony's consoles are always architecturally sound. (Credit: ArmigerKnight via Reddit)

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