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Just like with the Switch back then...

PS5 Controllers Are Breaking Already...

ps5 controller trigger defect
Players report defects with their PS5 controller. (Credit: Sony)

Many gamers still haven't gotten their hands on their own Playstation 5, while others are already having problems with the controllers. Players increasingly report that the triggers of their PS5 controllers are defective. What's the story?

The story seems somehow familiar... Defective controllers of a new console? Players reporting that the triggers wear out quickly and are defective? We already had all that with the Nintendo Switch! Now Sony seems to have the same problem.

PS5 Controller broken already from PS5

Several players complain that the triggers of their PS5 controllers react unevenly to inputs or lose their adaptive mechanics. This is especially unfortunate since the controllers were praised when the PS5 was initially released! While the design of the console was a real laughing stock for many, the controllers were pleasing both visually and in terms of features.

Solving these problems won't be easy for Sony. After all, they still can't deliver their console. Soon, they will have to invest the time to fix the defects of sent-in controllers! If you need a quick fix, you'd better think about buying a second controller. At least for now, that seems to be the only option.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Laura Pippig.