Is it possible to get the new console on the cheap?

Any Black Friday Deals for the PS5?

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We won't be able to get the PS5 for less than market value for a long time. (Image Credit: Sony)

We're still not even a month into the PS5's presence on the free market. In the week of Black Friday, we can't help but wonder whether and when we can get our hands on the console for less than its standard price. Are there any deals right now? When can we reasonably expect price reductions?

The PS5 is very, very young. An infant. An infant that is selling lots and lots of copies and isn't likely to slow down soon. Is it possible to get one at a reduced price on Black Friday? Or anytime soon for that matter?

Black Friday PS5 Sale?

The short answer to this would be "no". Unless the countless hours of looking around for deals missed something, the PS5's price isn't moving down a dollar from its launch day status. There are a number of reasons why this is so:

  • The console was launched less than three weeks ago. While there are a bunch of new AAA games that will be part of Black Friday sales, such as Assassin's Creed Valhalla and NBA 2K21, there's no way a new console in such high demand would see a price cut this early into its launch.
  • Sony's insistence on limiting the number of copies accessible to the user makes getting a PS5 at regular price hard enough. A hypothetical sale would absolutely crash the market. People would be stomping on each other's necks just to get a copy.
  • The PS5 is blowing the Xbox Series X|S out of the water, which cancels the possibility of a damage control type of sale to bring the number of copies sold up a bit.

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When Can We See a PS5 Price Drop?

An official price reduction for the PS5 is unlikely to come anytime soon. Sony aren't known for devaluing their products after a few months. Considering initial reviews and the outrageous demands for the PS5, we'd be shocked if it goes below its current price anytime before 2022.

Local sales are an entirely different thing. This year's Christmas will more than likely be a tad bit too early for the PS5 to take part in any sort of sale, but next spring? It's a possibility. It usually takes around six months for the first console promotions to show their heads and it so happens that this timeline fits perfectly with a spring sale. Even then, don't expect anything major: $20-$30 maybe, if we're lucky.

We'd pluck for next year's Black Friday for any substantial promotions on the console, but even then, unless the interest dies out faster than it projects right now, a 10% discount is the most we're willing to predict. It's been a very strong launch so far for Sony and it might be a while before bargain-diggers have anything to brag about.

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